greenhouse supplies


Exploring Greenhouse Cover Options

Owning a greenhouse is a constant battle to balance light and dark, hot and ...

Greenhouse staging

The Dirt on Greenhouse Staging

You’ve got some big gardening plans now that your greenhouse is built. The whole ...

Greenhouse plastic covering

All About Greenhouse Plastics

Much like you, your greenhouse would have a very hard time functioning without its ...

Greenhouse heater

Greenhouse Heaters

You’ll have to heat your greenhouse if you intend to keep the structure running ...

Greenhouse glass

Deciding Between Different Types of Greenhouse Glass

Glass is the ideal material for covering a greenhouse, but when you’re shopping for ...

Plants in containers

Consider the Characteristics of Containers

I was in the veterinarian’s office the other day and I noticed that they ...

A screen around plants

Screens, Screens, Marvelous Things!

There are few things in life as insidious as plant-eating insects. These little monsters ...


Growing Greenhouse Plants With Light Emitting Plasma Diode Lights (LEP)

I first became interested in light and light quality in high school when everyone ...

Greenhouse glass

Greenhouse Covering Materials

3.0 Greenhouse covering materials 3.1 Glass Glass is the traditional greenhouse covering material against ...

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