3 Unique Garden Ideas to Try This Year

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Below are three garden designs and types that you may want to try outdoors this spring. Our ideas focus on designing a yoga garden for exercise and meditation, growing a vegetable garden and creating an edible herb garden.

Designing a Yoga Garden for Meditation and Exercise

When you like to exercise or practice yoga, meditation or tai chi, a yoga garden can be a place to get outside and enjoy nature. You might want to add stone or metal statues that depict an appreciation of the sun, stones, earth or water. Statues that depict animals in nature are another popular choice: frogs, rabbits, birds or dogs can add a lively touch to the garden.

Water features like a recirculating fountain, small pond or even a waterfall add the element of moving water to the garden. Even a rain barrel for using rainwater to water your plants will work well.

Design a focal point in the garden where you can practice yoga, meditate or sit and just enjoy nature. Installing a pergola, made of varied materials, in the center will provide shade and a special area to practice your routine. A few other ideas for shelter are a gazebo that is designed for your garden or that you can buy. A tent covering will work well in the warmer weather and it can be removed in bad weather and put back up again. Over 50% of those who practice yoga also practice green living.

Think about the kinds of plants you want in the yoga garden. You can choose groundcover plants that provide a flat surface of moss, creeping thyme or a different type of grass. Popular perennials that gardeners choose for yoga gardens are ferns, daylilies, lily of the valley, bamboo, blue poppies and peppermint. Trees, bushes and vines are often planted in a yoga garden.

Container Vegetable Gardens

When you have limited space or no time to design and care for a large vegetable garden, container vegetable gardening can be an effective way to plant some of your own crops. Many gardening centers sell vegetable seedlings and plants, so you do not need to start them from seed.

You can put vegetables outdoors on your patio, deck or even in the yard in large containers. They are easy to keep. Tomatoes are simple to grow in containers, and many gardeners enjoy growing them. Tomatoes grow well in moist soil with plenty of sun, although they’ll need to be staked.

Lettuce and salad greens grow well in the spring into the summer. They like warm temperatures, moist soil and partial sun.

Hot and sweet peppers grow well in containers and are popular with consumers because they are tasty and can be used in many ways. They grow well in full sun and moist soil that is well-drained.

Other vegetables that are easy to grow in containers or window boxes are radishes, cucumbers and eggplant. Containers come in varying sizes, as do boxes, and your garden center can provide you with instructions on how to care for these vegetables. In general, while buying new products, 41% of buyers eventually regret their purchase, so make sure you are heavily researching each type of vegetable you’re thinking of growing before buying the seeds.

Ideas for an Edible Herb Garden

Select herbs you enjoy using in cooking to plant in your garden. If you do not want to start from seed, many garden centers sell herb plants that are ready to go in the ground. You can choose a sunny area and plant them in the outdoor garden when the weather warms up. Most need full sun and well-draining soil with some nutrients added. Different plants require different levels of water.

Popular herbs to plant are chives, basil, oregano, thyme, peppermint, rosemary, parsley and herbs used in cooking or making salads. They grow well in containers on the deck or patio. Always ask your garden center about how to care for them and to give you ideas for designing outdoor herb gardens.

These are some unique garden ideas to try in 2022. If you’re looking for more great gardening ideas, you can also check the web. Over 48% of consumers begin to search for garden ideas with mobile phones and research places to buy plants and find garden design ideas, so there are plenty of ideas out there. Just make sure you are staying true to what you want to do and you will have your dream garden in no time.

Image credit: Storyblocks

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