8 Ways to Turn your Backyard into an Oasis

pathway between rose bushes - 8 ways to turn your backyard into an oasis

A backyard, many would agree, is a major opportunity to use some exterior space to enhance your quality of life. From the smallest city property to the greatest mansions on the hills, property owners are looking to utilize every square foot of backyard space to add value to a property and provide a better experience for those who work and live there.

Here are some of the ways that you can optimize your backyard for fun and enjoyable experiences outdoors.

1. Water Amenities

Even if you don’t have an in-ground or above-ground pool, you can add a lot to your property with a simple water amenity.

One of the most common ideas for people who are looking to create a kind of backyard oasis is to put in a small koi pond or a water pond (sans fish) with a fountain.

Attractive hardscaping or even a simple laid stone pattern can add to the aesthetic beauty of this type of charming backyard area, and you’ll get that vision of the oasis that you desire.

2. Consider Vegetation and Land Grading

Another way to get more out of your backyard is to work with existing land grades and possibly alter them to create more livable spaces.

Today, lots of suburban and urban properties are adding in things like rain gardens and berms and swales, not just to control stormwater but to build other kinds of water management into the property design.

When you put these concepts together you get a lush, green type of enjoyable backyard aquaculture that you and your visitors can appreciate. You can also experiment with adding native local plants to your landscaping design.

3. Non-Chemical Pest Control

Here’s another element of this process related to places in the country where there are a lot of insects or wildlife.

It’s relatively easy to keep out larger animals like deer, but you may also want certain types of alterations that keep squirrels and rabbits from running rampant on your property.

On the insect side of the equation, bug zappers and citronella candles are common additions to deal with an inundation of mosquitoes who are annoying and may carry disease.

4. More Water Handling Infrastructure

rain falling off eaves in backyard - 8 ways to turn your backyard into an oasis

When you’re building your backyard oasis, you want to manage the water and get it to where you want it to be. You don’t want rainwater running close to the foundation of your home and getting stuck in your building’s footprint, leading to things like mold and mildew.

So another big tip for a backyard oasis is gutter covers that will keep leaves and debris from building up in your gutters and downspouts.

These are really the sentinels of water protection for the property. A good working gutter system helps to ensure that you will not be bailing out your basement or dealing with foundational water issues over time.

5. Recreational Gear and Seating

Here’s another way to add to the comfort and luxury of a backyard space: consider adding some elegant furniture.

A nice set of chairs and reclining furniture doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. If budget is an issue, some of these items can be found secondhand. Lots of vintage outdoor lawn furniture can be fixed up with a little TLC and used for many years.

Other specialized installations like a hammock can also allow you to get more out of your backyard oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

6. Hardscaping Opportunities

Another great addition to your backyard oasis is the kinds of stone and brick amenities that many contractors are skilled at installing on a property.

You may want a specialized space for your grill to serve up tasty food cooked outdoors or an outdoor bar area for serving drinks.

Use your space well, and you’ll get an efficient design that you enjoy for years to come — something that you’ll love to show to visitors and enjoy with other people.

7. Think About Shade

In terms of shade for your oasis, you can use existing old-growth trees or set up canopies to provide cover from the summer sun.

A side tip here is that some property owners may want to do tree work in order to keep a backyard space usable. Sometimes old-growth trees can cause problems with drooping branches that start to damage other outdoor infrastructure or get too close to a building. It’s important to look out for these kinds of issues and prune or trim trees appropriately, getting rid of deadwood.

8. Surface Management

Lush green grass is a popular option for a backyard, but grass can be resource-intensive. Try drought-resistant ground covers and native grasses to have a thriving yard with minimal effort.

Think about what looks good and what’s logistically effective. For example, a stone or gravel side bed can complement an existing concrete or flagstone walkway. Whatever you do, plan your landscaping to be water-conscious.

All of these additions and implementations can help you to create that perfect environment in your backyard.

Feature image: Ignacio Correia; Image 1: Anna Atkins

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