8 Ways To Use Garden Pods

fancy outdoor structure with trees - 8 ways to use garden pods

There’s always a need to make maximum use of outdoor spaces. Outdoor spaces like greenhouses or kitchen gardens can make a significant contribution to the functionality of your home, and to your enjoyment of it. One outdoor trend that’s becoming popular are garden pods. These are small structures created outside the house for various purposes. 

Like the greenhouse and kitchen garden, you can use garden pods to explore hobbies. These areas can also be utilized as at-home study or work areas. 

Garden pods are easy to construct. You can do it yourself using locally available or reclaimed and recycled materials. Different companies can help you build pods for garden too. You can do some research over the internet to find structures you like or ask for referrals from friends.

There are endless applications for pods. Some of the creative ways you can use yours are:

1. Kids Playhouse

Similar to adults, children also need their personal space. A garden pod can be a good area for this. Kids can use this place as a playhouse where they even get to invite their friends. To any parent, this could be an excellent way to have some peace around the house. 

As their personal space, the room can be customised to their liking. This helps to create a sense of belonging. To ensure this, allow the kids to pick the colour schemes, décor, and other materials.

Aside from that, ensure you consider safety features during construction. You can install window locks or motion sensors to enhance security. You can also make sure that nails aren’t protruding and that free-standing furniture is appropriately secured. These measures help to avoid accidents around the playhouse. 

2. A Woodworking Space

A garden pod for woodworking can be a great place to work without distractions. Unlike the garage, there’s no clutter such as household items and spare parts. You enjoy flexibility at a maximum level. 

You can have a computer inside to sharpen your skills and check out current trends. This room can be an excellent way for you to come up with some inspiring pieces.

Some woodworking machines can consume a lot of electricity, which can be expensive. Consider energy-efficient systems such as installing solar power in the shed. It’ll save you on cost, and if you install an off-grid system, you won’t have to worry about a power outage.

3. A Fitness Room

The area can be fit for a yoga studio or a gym. A yoga room doesn’t require much equipment. A gym, however, does. Ensure your new space can accommodate the weight of exercise equipment such as treadmills or other heavy machines. 

Also, make sure that the floor and structure will stand up to jumping and other vigorous exercises. 

4. An Art Studio

art studio corner with cloud paintings and brushes - 8 ways to use garden pods

Good art takes a while to complete. It also needs excellent concentration. A space outside the home can offer you the tranquility you need to design masterpieces. 

Paintings require time to dry without being disturbed. Some layers may take longer than others. A pod will allow your pieces to dry maximally.   

5. Guest Entertainment Room

A pod can serve as a space for you and your guests. You can have music for entertainment. Games like chess, darts, and others are also fun. You can also add a mini-bar for drinks in there. 

To enhance convenience, have a utensil cabinet and a sink inside. With a sink, you can wash all utensils used. A cabinet will help you store the dishes. You’ll not have to carry items in and out of the shed. 

Whenever guests aren’t around, you can enjoy this space with family members. 

6. A Relaxation Area

Sometimes, you need time alone to read books or relax on your own. A garden pod can be a great escape area. You can customise the space with luxurious or simple designs that fit your needs.

7. A Writing Room

If you’re a writer, a private writing room can be a good area for this activity. The quiet environment can boost your concentration. A writing shed will also improve creativity and help you come up with outstanding works.

You can install a small library and organise your favorite books in it. Ensure that the structure is well-built to withstand wet weather, however, and that it will support the weight of the books. This will help to secure your work and equipment. 

8. An Office Space

If you run your business online or you’re a remote worker, you need a garden office as your working space. They’re more pleasant compared with the main house.

Have your desk and chair, along with your computer. You can install a good internet connection, electricity, and heating system. These will make the environment more suitable for working. 

If you have customers or clients visiting you once in a while, this space is convenient. You can have your meetings peacefully, and both of you can work effectively.

Closing Thoughts

Garden pods offer great value to the entire household. Their uses are countless. You can use them as a garden office where you can comfortably invite clients and customers. You can utilise them as kids’ playhouses, fitness rooms, or relaxation areas, as well. Have this area as your writing room, woodworking space, or art studio to enhance creativity.

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