Eco-friendly home next to pond - Creating a design/build team

Assembling a Green Home Design Team That’ll Get the Job Done

The act of building a home that’s ecologically sound—combining high efficiency with low-impact materials—isn’t ...

Honda Smart Home - street view

Honda: Designing More Than Just Sustainable Cars

On the University of California’s Davis campus sits a live-in model of the future ...

Living room

A Buyer’s Guide to Flat Pack Homes

You wouldn’t expect the words “flat” and “home” to appear in the same sentence, ...

Happy feet on marmoleum flooring

Marmoleum: The Greenest and Healthiest Floor Covering in the World

Remember linoleum, that durable but boring material found on most kitchen and bathroom floors of older homes. ...

Mansion - house size and sustainability

At What Point Does Size Cancel Out Sustainability?

A house must be built on solid foundations if it is to last. The ...

LivingHome in Santa Monica - prebuilt home

7 Benefits of Prebuilt Homes

There’s a reason why we have factories. A bunch of reasons, actually. Ask any ...

Green home - Passive House pictured at night

Issues that Come up When Buying and Building a Green Home

Ever wonder what it might be like to own a green home?  How about ...

Homeshell house - prefab house

A Multi-level Prefab House That’s Built in Just 24 Hours

With modular homes on the rise, it seems to be time to bid farewell ...

Modular home by LivingHomes

Guide to Modular Home Prices

By scaling up and standardizing, modular, or prefab, homes are now more affordable than ...

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