Eco-Friendly Backyard Renovation Tips

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When you consider all of your options for your next backyard renovation, look into ways that you can make your yard more eco-friendly. Even if you’re very conscious inside of your house, you may not have considered the ways in which you can be more eco-friendly on your property in general while still having a functional, beautiful backyard. Here are six eco-friendly tips to consider during your backyard renovation.

Add Native Plants

Native plants have evolved to thrive in your environment. This means they need less fertilizer and special care in order to survive in your yard. They are also the preferred food source of many local insects and wildlife.

Depending on where your home is located, you may have a host of native plants to choose from. If you look up what is native to your area, you can implement it into your backyard design. Get creative with your choices and your planting designs. You might find that you love the look and scent of plants you never would have considered previously.

Reuse Materials From Your Own Garden

If you decide to remodel or redo your garden, consider how you can reuse what was unearthed during your renovation. For example, if you have to cut down trees, consider using them for mulch.

Forestry mulching can clear 1-4 acres of forest per day, so try to look for a company that has mulching as a part of their land clearing service to ensure that any trees that have to be removed are reused the way they should be. If the clearing uncovers rocks, you can also use them for décor, depending on their size and shape.

Start Composting

Composting your yard and kitchen waste is a great way to create nutrient-rich soil for your yard. While it takes a little time to set up, the process is very simple and can easily be added to your daily routine.

Depending on the size of your yard, you might start with a small compost bin under your sink or you might create a large compost pile outside. Either method will help you to reduce your trash and improve the soil in your garden.

Save Water

Consider ways you can save water in your yard. For example, if you want a pool for your enjoyment or to take part in the 7% increase in your home’s value, you may want to make sure you’re balancing out the extra water you’re using.

Find ways to conserve water to balance it out. Install rain barrels in your yard and use timed sprinklers to water your plants. You’ll have all the water you need without wasting any.

Create a Garden Wall

You might have wood or vinyl fences in your yard. Either of these can work for a garden fence, though vinyl is several times stronger than wood, making it ideal for heavier loads. You can use this wall to grow a mini-garden with things like herbs and greenery, providing you with healthy food in a small, simple space. This improves the look of your backyard, provides privacy and adds more growing space to your garden.

Grow Food

There are many different ways to grow your own food at home. You can create a giant garden full of things you like to eat. Or you can spread the plants out throughout your yard, making them decorative as well as edible.

Regardless of how you choose to do it, growing your own food is great for the environment. It reduces your dependence on supermarkets and having food shipped in from far away. Even if you can’t grow all of your vegetables and fruits yourself, even a small amount will reduce your carbon footprint.

An eco-friendly backyard can be comfortable and beautiful while also saving valuable resources. So if you’re renovating your yard, you should consider eco-friendly options. If you focus on conserving resources and growing healthy food, you can make your home backyard renovations good for the earth, too.

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