Green Living at Home Roundup for April 2013

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Green Living at Home roundup for April, featuring a collection of this month’s interesting news, green living tips and stories from around the web

Green living news

Where the Rubber Meets the Road in Building Products – In his research, Jim Vallette, Senior Researcher for the Healthy Building Network, concludes that rubber flooring is unhealthy to use inside the home unless rubber manufacturers change their manufacturing processes to ensure they are delivering a healthy product.

First Algae-Powered Building Debuts in Germany – Read about the world’s first algae-powered building, the five-storey Bio Intelligence Quotient (BIQ) house, a house that generates enough heat to keep the building’s 15 apartments warm.

Heat Pump Clothes Dryers Really Work, Study Confirms – Despite residential clothes dryers sucking up four percent of American households’ electricity, standard appliances using old and inefficient tumble-dry technology are still being used. Learn about the highly efficient heat pump clothes dryers that have been found to be much more effective than the old technology.

Green living tips and stories

5 Steps to Get Started in Greenhouse Gardening – Starting a greenhouse garden can be a little overwhelming at first. This article presents five steps to get you going in the greenhouse.

Green of the Crop: AIA lists top 10 sustainable buildings of 2013 – Check out the American Institute of Architect’s top ten list of buildings that protect and enhance the environment. This 17th annual edition of the program features a number of houses to inspire you when deciding on an efficient home design.

Ideas for a Sustainable Home – With all the options out there to make your home more sustainable, it’s hard to know where to start. Here are five great options to choose from.

That’s it for this month’s edition of Green Living at Home. Come back next month for a roundup of green living news, tips and other stories.

image: Sander van Dijk (Creative Commons BY)

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