Green Living at Home roundup for March 2013

Vegetables - GMO produce

This March marked the launch of the Green Living at Home room on Green Home Gnome. We invite you to peruse this section for an archive of this month’s posts. Today we’ve got a roundup of the month’s interesting news, green living tips and stories from around the web.

Green living news

Obama signs “Monsanto Protection Act” into Law – Considered corporate welfare for backing biotechnology corporations, this law threatens farmers and the environment since it bars U.S. federal courts from preventing the sale or planting of genetically engineered crops, even if they are not approved by government.

Whole Foods Markets Will Label GMO Foods – Whole Foods became the first American grocer to label foods as genetically modified thanks to consumer demand. Since labeling began some manufacturers have seen a 15 percent rise in sales.

Antibacterial Soaps On Trial – A court has ruled that triclosan, known as a potential endocrine disruptor harmful both to health and the environment, will be challenged to the FDA.

Green living tips and stories

Dabbling in Backyard Aquaponics – With a mix of text and lots of photos this article shows a family setting up an aquaponics system to grow their own fish and veggies. The article also includes a link to a helpful video on building an aquaponic system.

10 Healthy Recipe Substitutes Kids Won’t Pick Up On – Read this for a bunch of great healthy alternatives when baking your next batch of treats.

Making Our Own Soap – Find out how you can make your own soap through this helpful post.

Solar Hot Water at Home – Learn how a couple in Duncan, BC, incorporated solar hot water system into the construction of their new retirement home.

That concludes this month’s edition of Green Living at Home. Come back next month for a roundup of the month in green living.

image: Rudolf Moerkl (Creative Commons BY-NC-ND)

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