3 Effective Ways to Deal With Home Repair and Maintenance Specialists

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Homeownership is an amazing thing—it’s the American Dream. You have a piece of real estate to call your own, a place where you have total control over all aspects of the property—from the paint color and the landscaping to structural options that will make a positive impact on the environment.

Of course, that also means you’re responsible for any necessary repairs and replacements around your property, which can be very difficult. It’s often enough to make any homeowner want to throw up their hands in frustration!

Are you, in fact, one of those frustrated people who’s having difficulty finding repair specialists near your home? Are you tired of multiple points of contact with multiple repair people? If so, there are three major choices you can make to help yourself solve this problem, and we’ve outlined these three choices below.

Find a Single Company

One viable option is finding a company that offers its own in-house staff—one that’s capable of handling a wide range of systems and appliances within your home. Such a company will be able to handle issues ranging from water heater replacement and roof repairs to the replacement of damaged windows.

In this situation, you’ll work with just one company, and they’ll do all the legwork that’s involved with vetting the professionals they hire. You’ll only need to make a single phone call, and your repair expert(s) will show up in uniform to handle your repair or replacement needs.

Note that there are very, very few companies like this in existence, though, and most of them work within narrow service areas. If you’ve incorporated green technology into your home, it might also be challenging to find a company with an in-house expert who possesses a lot of knowledge about it.  

Choose a Central Point of Contact

Another option that’s more widely available is to work with a company that will act as a single point of contact for you, but will use subcontractors to perform the necessary work on your home. In essence, the company you hire will act as a general contractor, farming the work out to subcontractors in various areas of the country. Of course, there are challenges that come with this method as well.

Perhaps the most worrying thing is that you’ll have little control over who comes to your home to handle repairs. Some companies that operate as general contractors have in-house employees who handle certain types of repairs, but “farm out” the work to subcontractors when it comes to particular jobs they can’t cover or areas where their employees are unavailable.

While green technology and sustainable building practices are becoming more common these days, you may still find that repairs involving “green” practices are more likely to be subcontracted out. Like the previous option, this one can be a bit tricky, and may not give you the complete peace of mind you deserve.

Buy a Home Warranty

Your final option is to purchase a home warranty. These are basically protection plans for your most valuable possession: your home.

As with the two options previously presented, there are disadvantages to this route. One of the most obvious is that not all companies offering home warranties are the same, nor do they all offer identical repair and replacement options. Some companies have few contractors available to carry out repair and replacement services, which can limit their areas of service and lead to long wait times for clients.

However, some companies, like American Home Shield (AHS), have thousands of contractors available across the country, including contractors who specialize in sustainable homes. AHS is a massive company that provides coverage for an incredibly wide range of appliances and systems that can be found in the home.

When it comes to the most expensive home repairs that most homeowners need to make over time, you’ll find that a select few consistently top the list. Repairing or replacing air conditioners, heating systems and ductwork has been rated (by SoFi) as one of the most expensive repair costs you’ll face as a homeowner. These items are also the ones that are most essential for you to keep up-to-date, if you’re interested in making your home as energy efficient as possible.

AHS covers all these repairs and more. Other items covered under AHS that would otherwise set you back a pretty penny to repair or replace include:

  • Your electrical system
  • Dishwashers
  • Ovens
  • Washing machines and dryers
  • Garage doors

Additionally, AHS offers quite a few other perks that make working with them a “no-brainer.” For instance, they offer:

  • 24/7 service calls, so whenever an emergency strikes, help is just a phone call away
  • Annual promotions to help you save money
  • Optional coverage for extra items in and around your home, such as swimming pools and spas
  • Fast payments for replacements so you can get your life back on track as quickly as possible
  • Customizable plans to suit your needs, budget and lifestyle

Avoid Hassles and Headaches

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As you can see, while buying a home warranty can be tricky, choosing the right warranty company can make all the difference! It’s really the best way to ensure that you’re able to enjoy all the perks of homeownership without having to deal with the hassles and headaches that are so often part of the process.

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