Home Trends to Watch in 2020

red barn house - home trends to watch in 2020

As sustainability becomes more of a buzzword in the realms of home and lifestyle, many notable trends are emerging that aim to lower our emissions and make us more energy efficient. These are the trends that many interior designers and builders are choosing to incorporate into new builds for 2020. This article will take you through those trends and explore how you can integrate them into your current home.

Explore Sustainable Solutions

Buildings are one of the top contributors to the world’s total energy consumption and much of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. As the world turns to sustainability, many individuals are beginning to look into the ways that they can do their bit for a healthier environment.

International regulations are setting stricter requirements for more sustainable buildings and many architects and builders are taking the lead and putting sustainability first. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for everyone to build a new eco-home or move into a home built especially for sustainability, but there are several steps we can make in our own homes to reduce our carbon footprint.

Over the years we’ve seen the emergence of many products that boost the efficiency of our homes and these products have continued to improve and evolve. This includes solar panels, water reclamation systems and tankless water heaters. These products are popular because they not only lower a household’s impact on the environment, they greatly reduce monthly bills, too.

For those considering building a sustainable property, one trend that has continued to grow and grow is tiny homes. Tiny homes offer a range of benefits including affordability, low costs and mobility for the owner, as well as high energy-efficiency.

Invest in Innovative Technology

Smart technologies are becoming more and more commonplace in our everyday life and recent years have seen them become a useful addition to our homes. This trend is set to continue into 2020, with many of the latest technologies coming with features and programs that will encourage you to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Several reports have argued that the future of eco-friendly homes lies in the integration of green smart technology.

Smart home technologies and hubs allow users to set automated controls for heating, lighting and security, allowing you to have a more efficient home. Smart home technologies will continue to grow in 2020, making home life and sustainability easier. The great thing about these products is that they usually come with an easy installation fit for DIY or can be quickly installed by an expert.

Focus on Health and Wellbeing

woman doing yoga on apartment roof - home trends to watch in 2020

Urban lifestyles have become the norm for the average person, leading to many people spending much of their days indoors. As lifestyle trends turn more towards health and wellbeing, however, people are bringing aspects of the outdoors into their homes or choosing healthier and more eco-conscious products.

One way to incorporate this trend into your household is to avoid toxic materials. Many homes are built with materials laden with toxic chemicals such as solvents and formaldehyde. Those building or renovating will want to avoid these hazardous materials and focus on non-toxic materials instead. Another great way to create a more efficient build is to use reclaimed and recycled building materials. There are recycled alternatives to almost every building material and the quality of your new build won’t suffer at all.

You can also decorate your home with more health-conscious and sustainable products. Whether this means shopping for cushions in a vintage store and doing a DIY reupholster, or choosing to purchase health-conscious soaps, detergents and cleaning sprays, there is a growing range of planet-friendly products to fill your home with.

Bring Nature into your Home

Plants have been proven to filter out many of the toxins in our air and with more of us living urban lifestyles in busy polluted cities, there has never been a better time to invest in more plants for your home. One incredibly unique and bold way to incorporate plants into your interior design is to create a living wall.

A living wall is simply a system on the surface of your wall that will support a healthy environment for plants to survive. More and more interior designers are choosing to install living walls to provide homes with purified air, more humidity and a healthier living environment.

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