Tips to Avoid the Biggest House Cleaning Blunders [infographic]

House Cleaning Tips - infographic


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Biggest House Cleaning Blunders

You don’t follow the “top to bottom” rule

If dusting the top shelf (or cleaning the ceiling fan) is your last task for the day, dirt will likely fall over your freshly vacuumed carpeting and then you have to do that annoying part all over again.

You don’t sort laundry when it really counts

You tackle windows on a sunny day

The nice, warm sun might actually inhibit your efforts, since the heat could cause your cleaner to dry before you can wipe it away. That means streaks—and then you’ll just have to start over.

You wash dishes at the sink before you put them in the dishwasher

Yes, you should scrape any food scraps into the garbage, but don’t bother hand-washing or even rinsing your dishes before they go in the dishwasher. Research shows that it doesn’t get your dishes any cleaner, and our experts agree.

Your family doesn’t remove shoes at the door

The dirt you track in from outside can really build up over time, so beat it at its own game by going shoeless inside.

You forget that your cleaners need cleaning, too

Dirty cloths, mops and full vacuum cleaner bags don’t pick up or remove dirt. You’ll just be working harder and longer with no results to show for it. Clean or replace your cleaning tools as needed.


Infographic by Sydney Home Packers

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