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How to do feng shui infographic - for the living room


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What is feng shui?

Feng shui, meaning wind-water, is an ancient Chinese practice of creating a harmonious balance of energies in a given space.

Elements and colours

One of the most central principles to feng shui are the five elements.


These elements interact with each other in cycles with corresponding colours that can be introduced into your home to encourage health, positive well-being and good fortune for the people inhabiting it.

Style your living room

One of the most important elements of feng shui is cleanliness. Always ensure rooms are tidy and organized without any clutter.

Decorate rooms with natural colours such as light blue, which promotes calm and tranquility.

Allow as much natural light as possible to enter the room. Use small lamps to light in dark areas.

Sofas should face each other to create a sociable, relaxed setting.

Place tables on a large rug to act as a centrepiece within the room.

Plants will improve air quality and purify rooms of bad energy.

Things to avoid

There are certain objects that should be avoided when decorating your home. According to feng shui principles, certain objects can direct negative energy towards you and throughout the room.

Aggressive paintings should not be hung in the living room.

Sharp angles from furniture should point away from you.

Mirrors should never face the main door to the living room.

By the numbers

5,000 – average cost in yuan to attend a 7-day feng shui course in China

3,000 – estimated number of years that feng shui has been practiced

13,000 – average number of tweets every month relating to feng shui

22,000 – number of UK Facebook users that like feng shui pages

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