Q&A interview with Therma-Ray Radiant Heating Systems

Alcatel building in Ottawa - Q&A interview with Therma-Ray Heating Systems
What does your business do?

Therma-Ray’s Radiant Heating Systems have been the smart choice for Architects, Engineers, Developers, Contractors, Renovators, Energy Management Consultants and Homeowners since 1985.

Our radiant heating systems provide effective solutions to deliver comfort for a wide variety of construction projects, including:
· Commercial Radiant Heating Systems for: Hot Yoga Studios, Manufacturing Facilities, Office Building, Restaurants, Hotels and Warehouses
· Industrial Radiant Heating Systems for Educational Buildings, Hospitals, Religious Buildings and Stadiums
· Residential Radiant Heating Systems for: Assisted Living Facilities, Condominiums, New Homes and Renovations

Our wide range of radiant heating system products provide elegant design solutions that save energy, are easy to install and lower the total cost of ownership compared to any other heating system.

How long have you been in operation?

Therma-Ray was founded in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada in 1985.

Can you tell me a bit about your credentials? 

Currently no member of our company belongs to any professional organization. We are active on a CSA sub-committee and have been active on UL committees. The current president has an MBA, a Diploma in University Teaching and conducts AIA presentations on a regular basis. The company has an approved education course for Architects approved by the Architect Institute of America.

Do most of your clients hire you or purchase your products to perform sustainably minded service?

Therma-Ray’s products are designed to save energy, usually between 30 per cent and 50 per cent compared to hydronic radiant heating systems and 30 per cent or more compared to traditional convection (forced air) heating systems.

To be honest, most clients are looking for the most comfortable system they can have or in the case of commercial problems, looking to simplify the HVAC system to provide both energy savings and comfort. It’s a question of being smarter in choosing a heating system that will not waste energy and heat better than current convection based heating systems.

What is your business’ approach to sustainability?

Our products are made of high quality material, basically designed to last as long as the building stands. They never need maintenance thus saving costs both in manpower and replacement parts. We emphasize the need to have a well built building. The building envelope is key. The better insulated or built means less heating equipment and less operating costs.

Have you recorded any testimonials that you can list here or can you provide references if asked by a client?

“We absolutely love our floor heating system. I grew up with forced-air systems and just figured we would probably install something along those lines in our new home as well. We were also checking out the possibility of installing a geothermal system, but were terrified of the upfront costs and not sure we would really ever realize a true payback on our investment.”

“My wife and I were in a model home featuring the SmartRooms Radiant Heating systems and we couldn’t believe how comfortable and warm we felt in each and every room and decided to check it out further. We had an installation and operating cost comparison done and didn’t see any option that even came close to the comfort, efficiency, cost and maintenance of the SmartRooms system.”

“The operating costs are amazing and we’re really glad we didn’t decide to go with the geothermal system. We saved tens of thousands of dollars on the install and our home is still very inexpensive to heat. The house is warm, we’re comfortable, it’s cheap to run and there is no maintenance. What more could you want.”
– Jerry Leyhe (Homeowner)
Anoka, MN

“The shop area recovers quickly after the doors have been opened and the guys are happy working in a warm and comfortable environment. Installation was easy and a fraction of the cost of everything else we considered. We are very happy with not only the comfort, but more importantly, the low operating costs.”
– Business Owner
Fargo Truck Company Shop Building

“Our old location used a gas forced air system,” said John. “We operated in that space for over 5 years and experienced many costly equipment issues every year. After we picked out our new home, we began researching the different heating options available to us.”

“We always seemed to manage the headaches of the old system in the 11th hour,” Lara added. “It was a complex system, with multiple equipment components, many controllers, many moving parts, constant maintenance, and it was difficult to troubleshoot or explain to anyone when it was acting up.”

“When we contacted ThermaRay,” said Lara, “we spoke with Janet Kilbride in customer service. She had a wealth of knowledge and was able to answer all of our questions. We went back and forth with lots of questions for Janet before making our final decision to go with this type of system.”

“The average monthly heating costs in the old studio was $900 per month. The average monthly heating costs in the new, larger studio with Therma-Ray’s electric radiant heating system was only $115 per month.
John adds, “We very happily recommend ThermaRay, its friendly helpful staff, and their exceptional products to any studio that wants a fantastic heating system to compliment their practice. Janet Kilbride is our contact there and she is very knowledgeable in Hot Room Design.
– Lara and John Alexiou
Steamtown Yoga, Scranton, PA

Check out Therma-Ray’s listing for a quick description of their services and to read reviews or go directly to their website>>

image: M.M.Minderhoud via Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons BY-SA)

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