Public Works and the Importance of Creating Sustainable Communities [infographic]

Cropped infographic - Public works and the importance of creating sustainable communities

Communities both big and small are having a sustainable makeover in order to reduce energy demand, utilize renewable power, and lessen their environmental impact. This infographic provides an in-depth look at sustainable communities, highlighting their environmental necessity, as well as their financial practicality.

Infographic - Sustainable communities

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Sustainability is a catchword in many industries, including farming, forestry and production. It’s a growing topic of concern in the development of public works including roads, sewer systems and parks, public buildings, where costs and lack of knowledge related to sustainability result in a general oversight regarding the issue.

In a world of diminishing resources, those tasked with planning and developing public works programs must be prepared to do so in a way that reduces energy demand, exploits renewable power and lessens the impact on our environment.

source: Norwich University’s Online Masters in Public Administration program

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