6 Changes You Can Make to Your Home to Save Energy

Aerial view of town - 6 changes you can make to your home to save energy

Global warming is one of the biggest issues we face in society today, and many of us are adapting our everyday lives so we can be more conscious of the environmental impact we’re having on the planet.

While we’re a long way from solving our climate problems, we’re certainly making progress toward living more sustainable lives. One way you’ll be able to do your bit is by adapting your home to make it more eco-friendly. With things like solar panels becoming more accessible to the everyday homeowner, it’s never too late for any of us to start making changes to our homes, and you can read about six distinct options for change below.

3 Quicker Everyday Changes

The number of eco home projects in the U.K. is expected to increase by 60 percent in the next three years, and we must all recognize the importance of keeping our homes updated with the latest eco-friendly technology. Here are three fairly simple strategies you can use to keep up:

Get a smart meter – A great way to begin your energy-saving journey is to invest in a smart meter. These nifty little gadgets assess exactly how much electricity you’re using and when, as well as how much money you’re spending on electricity.

Cut down your electricity usage altogether – To do this, you’ll need to turn off all of your appliances that you usually put on standby, and use apps or timers to make sure all sockets are turned off when you’re not at home.

Invest in more energy efficient appliances – If you aren’t able to replace all of your appliances, some cheaper and quicker fixes could include:

  • Changing your incandescent lightbulbs to energy-saving ones
  • Making sure the lights are off in every room you’re not in
  • Washing your clothes at a lower temperature setting than usual

3 Major Renovations to Consider

Maybe you already do all of the above, and in that case, you may be looking to make some more serious changes to your home. The following three changes may cost you a fair amount of money upfront, but they’ll more than pay for themselves in the long run, considering how much money they’ll help you save.

Install a new boiler – Installing a new boiler can help you save energy and your hard-earned cash. Newer boilers are more efficient, which means that they require less energy to run.

Switch to double-glazed windows – Switching from single to double-glazed windows will help you more effectively trap heat in your home. Bathrooms and kitchens, in particular, tend to feel cooler than the rest of the home, so when you’re changing your windows, it’s a good idea to deal with those rooms first. On a related note, simply drawing your curtains or pulling down your kitchen’s blinds in the evening will also help you retain heat.

Update your insulation – Insulation is key when it comes to saving energy, so it’s a good idea to draught-proof and insulate your whole property, including the roof.

We All Need to Do More

Most of us already do a little something each day to keep our carbon footprint in check. However, we should all make a conscious effort to reduce our energy usage even further. Hopefully, if you implement some or all of the six changes outlined above, you’ll start to notice the difference they make—both to your bank account and the environment!

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