Submission Guidelines

Writing is a lot of work. More than the Gnome can handle himself, so he needs some help from time to time! So go ahead and send something in. But before doing that check out some articles first to get to know the kind of stories we’re into.

What we’re looking for – We don’t publish guest posts from writers just wanting to promote their product or services, but if you’re committed to writing about green homes and green living, you can submit an article and you’ll have the chance to add your links in the bio.

Word count – This is a tricky one. Article length depends on the type of the article. If it’s a straightforward how-to article, 1,000 words could suffice, whereas an in-depth piece on the latest green home technology might require 3,000 words to tell the story right. We find that stories in the 1,000 to 2,000 word range is the right length for most articles.

Licensing – We use a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License when publishing articles. This increases the audience for your story since it has the possibility of getting syndicated on multiple websites. This also means you’re free to republish your article after it has appeared on Green Home Gnome.

Editing – The Gnome does quality control on all submissions, so expect your piece to get edited.

Byline You can add your bio and links to the end of your submission, but we ask you to limit it to 50 words.

Simultaneous submissions – Though we do accept simultaneous submissions, we’d like you to let us know if it’s been submitted elsewhere and to inform us if it’s been accepted for publication elsewhere.

Send it in – Send article submissions to Please attach either a DOC, TXT or RTF file as well as pasting the submission in the body of the email. We will respond within two weeks.