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If you want to make your home comfortable and gorgeous all while keeping it eco-friendly, it’s good to upcycle, buy used or make your own décor. If you’re not crafty and can’t find a local trading group, however, then it’s best is to shop for sustainable accessories. If you’re wondering where to start to get the best for your home as far as green décor goes, have a look at options below.


This first brand specializes in furniture. They make custom, made-to-order furniture in both mid-century and modern styles, so you can be sure that you will get something that you love. Whether it’s a table, bookshelf, chair or desk, you can get it from Joybird, which offers a lifetime warranty for their furniture’s foundational elements.

They also offer 90-day returns and a one-year warranty on manufacturing defects. Since most of its furniture is made from trees, this company has prioritized re-planting them. This makes them the go-to brand if you’re looking for Amish furniture, most of which is made from either maple, walnut, cherry, oak or hickory.


A long-time favorite for people who seek custom-made and unique items, Etsy is another place you can look for sustainable home décor and accessories. There are almost a million items in the listings, which you can easily search through by taking advantage of their filters.

Since they’re certified as a B Corporation that’s powered by renewable energy, when you work with Etsy you can be sure that you’ll be buying from a company interested in sustainability.

Knaughty Log Co.

This is another company from which you can find amazing furniture. With tables made wholly from salvaged and reclaimed wood, you will enjoy having unique and green furniture in your home when you shop from them. They have a number of items to their name, from cake stands and live edge coffee tables to key holders and tree stump end tables.

With new-built custom homes being about 17% more energy-efficient as a result of new building codes, furnishing a new home means you can add on to this energy efficiency with beautiful and sustainable furniture and décor for an all-around eco-friendly space.

Bolé Road Textiles

If you’re searching for green textiles to use around your home, from linens and pillows to bath mats, rugs and curtains, you will find them here. This brand blends the owner’s love for Ethiopian handwoven fabrics with interior design. The result is refreshing traditional Ethiopian motifs that have a modern touch.

They’re handwoven in Ethiopian studios owned and operated by women entrepreneurs who are paid fair wages. The yarn used is made from hand-processed Ethiopian cotton, so sustainability is considered at every step.

The Citizenry

The final source for sustainable home décor, furniture, bed and bath, among others, is The Citizenry. With the team personally traveling to each country from which they source their goods to ensure that only local materials are used, they’re also able to form sustainable relationships with the artisans behind their work.

They effectively cut out the middleman and offer quality handmade items at prices that are a lot fairer than those offered by the traditional luxury boutique. You will have a great chance of owning a unique piece at an amazing price and know that the proceeds will directly benefit the right people.

In 2009, the U.S. Geological Survey or (USGS) found out that 23% of the 2,000 private wells they studied had at least one contaminant in them. It was also present at a level that was enough to cause a potential health concern. With facts like this, it’s clear that we all need to do our best to help keep the environment green and to reduce pollution. One way to do this is to buy sustainable and eco-friendly items whenever possible.

Image credit: Storyblocks

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