Build Your Own Vertical Garden in 6 Steps [infographic]

Vertical garden made from a pallet - Build your own vertical garden in 6 steps

Do-it-yourself vertical garden infographic - Build your own vertical garden in 6 stepsby Branded_3.
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Editor’s Note: If you’re new to the world of upcycling pallets, please check out this link, which will give you more information on selecting pallets that are safe for use. This almost goes without saying for experienced gardeners, but always remember to wash any edible items you grow in a garden like this before consuming them. For more information, please contact us by email and we can refer you to additional resources.

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1. Get supplies

You will need…

  • A wooden pallet
  • Sandpaper
  • Staple gun
  • Staples
  • Hammer & nails
  • Landscaping paper
  • Planting soil
  • Plants
  • 1/4 inch (approximately 6.35 mm) thick MDF

2. Prepare the pallet

Sand down any rough patches on the pallet and corners if they are sharp. If the pallet has no backing, use the MDF board and nail it into place (using approximately 12 nails). This is to prevent the soil spilling out of the back of the pallet.

3. Staple paper to pallet

Double your landscaping paper up & pull your staple gun out of its holster. Staple the fabric along the sides, bottom and back of the pallet.

4. Fill the pallet with soil

Lay your pallet flat & get ready to get your hands dirty. Fill the pallet with planting soil, ensuring to press the soil down firmly but leave enough room for planting.

5. Start planting

Begin planting—starting at the bottom of the pallet. As you work your way up make sure each of the plants are packed in tight before moving to the next layer.

6. Water & leave for 2 weeks

Once all of the plants are planted, water your garden thoroughly.

Leave the pallet horizontal for two weeks and allow your plants to take root.

7. Stand upright & enjoy!

Images courtesy of Design*Sponge

Project inspired by: Fern Richardson

Designed by: Branded3

To learn to build another type of compact garden, visit An 18-Step Guide to Building a Hydroponic Garden in a Bottle>>

image: various brennemans

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