5 Stylish and Sustainable Home Ideas for a Chic and Green Home

living room with wooden couch - 5 stylish and sustainable home ideas

Whether it be water, energy or food, you can always find ways to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. Having an energy-efficient home is one way to effectively meet your needs without compromising the needs of future generations. You can also start small and innovative—all without compromising style. 

If you’re currently eyeing your home with an eye to redecorating, but you’re entirely unsure where to start, here are five home sustainable home ideas you could try. Here, choices that range from flooring, lighting, wallpaper, furniture and appliances are included:

Recycled Flooring 

You can start a sustainable renovation with your flooring by reclaiming or recycling wood floors. By doing so, you get your hands on a durable, cost-efficient and eco-friendly option. Since these materials were already cut down from older-aged wood, you won’t significantly impact the environment by cutting down new trees. Thus, you reduce the demand made on our forests. 

Not only this, as you also cut down your costs, as you won’t be harvesting wood. Although recycled, your wood flooring won’t neglect style in your home. Here, it will still retain its pattern and aesthetics. With flooring like this, you can refinish it to match your décor, whether that’s farmhouse chic or ultramodern.

If you’re looking for the perfect flooring design but aren’t sure what you want, you can visit some open houses or display homes to view what they’ve done with their floors. Seeing what others have done can give you inspiration for your own project. 

LED Lighting 

Not only are you going for a reduced carbon footprint when going for LED lights, but you also get a transformed feel in your interiors. Here, you won’t get the hard and bright light of incandescent bulbs; you’ll obtain a soft glow instead. LED lights can give your home a warm feel, and you can now find a wide range of choices, as these lights are available at a wide color range.

Additionally, you also get an energy-efficient bulb, which ultimately results in lower costs to run your lights. You can even expect your LED bulb to last longer than conventional bulbs. So, if you want a bulb that saves you energy and costs while giving you a warmer feel for your interior, you should opt for LED lights.

Eco-Friendly Paint and Wallpaper 

beige wallpaper in modern home - 5 stylish and sustainable home ideas

Since traditional wallpaper and paint are often made with various chemicals like volatile organic compounds, they can be bad for the environment and your health. Thus, when you’re switching your standard wallpaper or paint, replace them with eco-friendly options. With natural wall coverings, you have chemical-free materials that will not only increase sustainability but will secure the safety of you and your family as well.

Likewise, since numerous manufacturers offer eco-friendly solutions, you could easily decorate your whole home in this sustainable way. Regardless of whether you’re looking for vibrant colors for your living room, patterned wallpaper for your bathroom, or calming neutrals for your bedroom, eco-friendly paint or wallpaper offers plenty of styles to choose from.

Sustainably-Sourced Furniture 

Just as you want your flooring to be sustainable, so your furniture should be, too. Opting for sustainably-sourced furniture is the best way to go. You’ll often get a more durable option, which means you won’t have to worry about buying new ones within a couple of years. If you hunt out recycled or repurposed items, they’ll also cost less, which saves you from going overboard with your spending.

Not only this, as you’ll also fall in love with the patterns of things like recycled wood tables (the same goes for sustainably-sourced chairs). Since repurposed and sustainably-sourced furniture doesn’t come from a box store, you’ll usually end up with items that are exclusive only to you. So, you quickly get a great design at only a small cost and maximum sustainability.

Energy-Efficient Appliances 

Your home appliances are the most significant contributors to your carbon footprint, so getting energy-efficient appliances is best if you want to reduce your footprint. By doing so, you conserve water and energy. Look into dryers, washers, refrigerators and freezers that are energy-efficient. Since these appliances lower greenhouse emissions and manage energy consumption, you can expect them to go a long way towards making your home greener.

Additionally, these appliances will help you financially. Energy conserving appliances mean those savings will take action effectively and quickly, ensuring that you’ll have lower bills to look forward to.

Overall, these appliances can also enhance your lifestyle. Better noise control, as well as shorter and more efficient running times, can create a more relaxing environment for you, your partner and your kids to live in.


You can go in for minor modifications in your home and still see significant results. Likewise, you could choose one or two of these sustainable home ideas to kickstart a real lifestyle change. Whether it be with flooring, lighting or appliances, you’ll reap the long-term benefits of living stylishly and sustainably.

Feature image: Jason Boyd; Image 1: Max Vakhtbovych

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