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If you decide to sell your home, it is vital to make sure its value is marketable. Home improvements are sometimes necessary to leverage the market value of your home. Your efforts are crucial to making a difference in that market value.

In most locations, there are a range of home advisors and quality contractors that can help in remodeling your home. They typically screen professionals to make sure you are choosing from a pool of the best. This way, you can make sure your home improvement will give a monetary lift to your property.

Know that some home improvements don’t add any value to your home. Thus, you’ll want to make sure your home improvement projects actually improve the home’s value and your family’s comfort. Here are a few tips to help you increase your home’s value.

Home Energy-Efficient Insulation

Home inspectors include your home insulation in their report for potential buyers. As homes without energy-efficient insulation are more costly to heat and cool, consider making it your first project. It is not only expensive but can be a pain to maintain if your home does not have the best insulation.

Insulation is relatively inexpensive and can make your home more appealing in the eyes of potential buyers. You can save an estimated two thousand five hundred dollars for upgrading your home insulation.

The United States Department of Energy has reported that most homes have leaks equal to three-by-three foot holes in the ceiling or walls. Sealing cracks around your house not just saves you expense but is a plus for your home value.

Don’t know where to start checking leaks? Here are a few areas that might have holes you haven’t discovered yet:

  • In all recessed lighting
  • In your home basement
  • Around the doors and windows of your home

Make sure all these areas are checked and leaks are sealed to catch the eye of any potential buyers. You can install programmable thermostats after sealing all leaks. Potential buyers consider homes with programmable thermostats a better deal because this saves them money.

Energy-Efficient Windows

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Buyers mostly shop for houses that are energy efficient in all areas of the home. Drafty single-pane and old windows are a total turn off. By upgrading any older windows to energy-efficient windows you could save on your monthly bills and earn a green energy tax credit of ten percent for doing this upgrade. It is a must for your home value too: without energy-efficient windows, the value of your home drops excessively.

Reinvent Your Rooms

Reinventing your old rooms does not have to cost a lot. You can either turn your attic into an extra room or finish up a basement. Know what living spaces people are looking for in a home and make sure your rooms look updated. It is also essential that you update your bed to something ideal and comfortable, for example, nectar and puffy. It’s sometimes hard to achieve the best results, so reading some reviews like nectar vs puffy is ideal.

Bathroom Addition

Potential buyers look for houses with at least two bathrooms. Look for any underutilized areas in your home and reconstruct one as an additional bathroom. Consider installing eco-friendly options like water-saving toilets and shower heads if you don’t already have them.

Just like other upgrades, the cost and expenses for adding or upgrading your bathroom are entirely dependent on how you want it to look. Your remodel does not need to be fancy. A simple and functional bathroom has its way of impressing buyers.

Add Some Natural Appeal

Make your deck and backyard more appealing and it will add more value to your home. Nowadays, outdoor living areas have been more appealing for home buyers. Consider creating a butterfly garden or an outdoor mediation area. Make eco-conscious choices front and center with a grass-free lawn that conserves water or an organic perennial herb garden.

It has been reported that homeowners can recoup sixty-five to approximately ninety percent of their investment by upgrading a deck. It all depends on the design you choose and the materials that will be used.

You could keep costs low by making upgrades yourself, but that all depends on if you’re a handy person. Keep in mind that deck construction is hard and can be huge trouble if not done right. If you are not confident in your construction skills, hire a contractor.

If you do choose to hire a contractor for any project, make sure you ask at least three contractors for prices and specific renovation insights. Also, check references for the contractors you hire.


There is a lot to consider in selling your house. But updating strategic parts of your home is a guaranteed way to increase its value. Remember, your efforts are essential to maximizing the value of your home.

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