Backyard Renovations to Install Before Winter

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The winter season is quickly approaching, making now a perfect time to complete backyard renovations. As the temperature cools down, you can easily work outside on such projects as installing new fencing or building a deck. Taking time to complete these projects before winter will ensure your backyard is in good shape when the colder temperatures, snow and ice arrive!

Deck Building

Have you been considering installing a new deck? Now is the perfect time to do so. A deck is a big project and setting one up in the spring or summer can be exhausting. The cooler temperatures of the fall make it more comfortable to complete and once finished, you can easily enjoy a BBQ or get together with the family in the cool evening hours.

With a new installation, you will need to calculate space for a deck. You want to be sure you have enough room to create the new outdoor living space in the size you wish to have. Consider a square or rectangle shape to add the most space to your home. A deck calculator will help you to configure how much material you need to complete the job, which helps you to stay on track.

Ask your building supply store or contractor where your lumber is coming from so you can make sure you’re supporting the practices you believe in.

Harvest Water

Winter can bring a lot of snow and water to your area. One way you can renovate your backyard is by adding in some areas around your home to harvest rainwater and snow water as it melts. This is a great way to save water and reduce your usage, while also collecting storm runoff so it doesn’t pollute the water table.

Patio Ceiling Installation

When you have a patio attached to your home, you have a second living space that you can enjoy most of the year. In this space, you need to protect the flooring as well as furnishings. Be sure to take some time in the fall to check your patio ceiling cover. This area is what protects the integrity of your patio as well as your furniture.

Snow and rain can easily damage patios and patio furnishings if they’re not protected. Take time to add Fiber cement beadboard to your patio ceiling for added protection. Traditional wood materials can rot and deteriorate over time. With the fiber cement material, you have an option that can withstand exposure to the elements, better protecting your patio from damage.

Don’t Forget Patio Furniture!

snow-covered patio furniture - backyard renovations

After you’ve rebuilt a deck or revamped your patio area, don’t forget the furniture you’re going to use! You can go green with these additions to your backyard by using second-hand items or even purchase patio sets made of recycled material. This not only helps you to get your backyard ready for winter and all your bonfires, it helps support businesses focused on reducing our use of new materials!

Upgrade Outdoor Lighting

Whether you plan on having lots of outdoor gatherings or you just want to be able to see as you let the furry family member out at night, solar outdoor lighting is one way you can update your backyard and go green. Consider changing out fixtures for energy efficient solar-powered lights. This will give you ample lighting while also conserving energy.

New Fencing

A new fence is another great installation to consider during the fall months. Once winter arrives, the ground will become too frozen to dig in to for a new fence installation. During the fall, you can add pressure-treated wood fencing to your home and even stain it if you like. Many homeowners are choosing a process that involves staining pressure treated wood to look like cedar. The new fencing installation will have the beautiful look of cedar but without the added cost!

A new fence will provide a solid investment for your home. Not only does a fence add visual appeal but it also provides privacy for your home.

Drainage Upgrades

The drainage component of your home is a necessity. Water needs to be able to move off your roofline and into the yard, then away from the home. When you do not have proper drainage, it can lead to flooding and water damage. When the home was constructed, care should have been taken to grade the landscape to ensure proper drainage. However, there are also elements you can add in to help.

One option is permeable paver. This material is porous, allowing water to infiltrate the pavement and drain into the ground or sub-base rock underneath. Easily add the system near your drainage pipes to ensure that any water is moved away from the home.

For many of us, winter is a bitterly cold season that makes it impossible to complete outdoor projects. If you have any items on your list, be sure to take care of them before the harsher season begins. This fall can be your project go-to time, ensuring your home looks its very best. 

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