The Best Lawnmower Lifts in 2022 [Reviews]

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Getting under a lawnmower to clean and repair it is a giant pain and, as anyone knows who has tried to DIY a lift (and you know who you are), it can be dangerous. Maybe this year is the year for a purpose-built lawnmower lift.

A lawnmower lift might seem like more of a professional tool, but it can save homeowners quite a bit of cash. Being able to clean the undercarriage on a mower and to remove and sharpen blades yourself could save you hundreds of dollars a season, meaning that one of these could pay for itself in very little time.

If you’re seriously thinking about a lawnmower lift, our reviews will give you two good ones to consider. We’ll save the details for the reviews below, but they’re worth a look.

As a quick note, it’s a good idea to pair any lift with jack stands. Different people have different risk tolerances, but we think safety first here. No matter how great a jack is, failures can happen. Jack stands don’t cost the earth and you and your family might be extremely glad you purchased them one day.

Best Lawnmower Lift

MoJack MJPRO 750-Pound Lift

For homeowners or landscapers, this heavy-duty lift is durable, stable, well-designed and easy to use and store. Fits a variety of mowers and makes maintenance simple.

Features & Benefits

  • Alloy steel construction
  • 25-inch lifting height
  • 750-pound load capacity
  • 118.8 pounds


  • Easy lifting mechanism
  • Folds well for storage
  • Versatile


  • Customer service is spotty
  • Packaging is sometimes an issue

Editorial Review

This is a heavy-duty lift that’s designed with stability in mind. Although it’s compact, its steel tubing construction makes it heavy—perfect for holding a large machine in place, but something to consider when you first get the package and need to carry it to your garage.

It’s a versatile tool—it can lift mowers with outside front wheel measurements ranging from 31.5 to 62.5 inches. It’s also easy to use. You adjust the wheel pockets, drive the mower on and crank it up.

There’s no hydraulic jack, which many people will appreciate if they’ve had issues with leakage in the past. Instead, the lift is operated by a self-braking winch, which you can turn one-handed or even with a power drill if you want.

For safety features, there’s a ratcheting safety lock to keep the mower from dropping. The wheel pockets are deep and MoJack includes a strap system to cinch them in place.

The unit is easy to fold down and the tires are reasonable, although it would have been nice if they were solid rubber.

One thing to note is that MoJack makes lifts in a variety of weight capacities, so double-check that you’re ordering the right lift for your machine.

What Others Are Saying

MoJack’s lift is very well-reviewed. People loved how easy it was to assemble and how easy it was to store. They found it fit a variety of makes and models of tractors and mowers, which users especially appreciated when they had a few different kinds that they needed to service.

People reported that they felt safe working under their machines while they were up on the lift. Most people liked the strap system for the wheels, although a few said they preferred other systems. Many recommended jack stands or wheel blocks for extra safety, as do we.

What reviewers praise most, however, is the quality of the lift. They say the construction is solid and the lift is heavy-duty. They warn that because of this, buyers should be prepared to have a cart or a friend to help transport it.

There aren’t a ton of bad reviews of this product, but the ones there are negative were largely from folks who had problems with shipping and customer service. A few people received lifts that were clearly used or damaged and either couldn’t get responses from the company or couldn’t get their money back.

Most of the issues people had with the lift itself were with the crank. Some users reported manufacturing defects and others reported issues with the parts of the assembly breaking. Again, customer service here seemed hit and miss.


Pro Lift T-5300 Lawn Mower Jack Lift

This jack lift makes lawnmower maintenance simpler and more convenient to perform. Save your time and energy with this economical jack—it’s easy to assemble and easy to use.

Features & Benefits

  • Alloy steel construction
  • 22-inch lifting height
  • 300-pound load capacity
  • 55 pounds


  • Non-slip foot pedal
  • Safety Lock
  • Rubber-padded platform


  • Limited tire basket width
  • Leaky jacks often reported

Editorial Review

This lawn mower jack lift is very easy to use. Mower maintenance can be a real hassle, but this lift allows you to remove and sharpen blades and wash the undercarriage without having to remove the mower deck.

Operation is simple with the Pro Lift. Drive the mower onto the lift so the tires are positioned on the wheel baskets, raise the lift with the foot pedal and turn the release valve until the platform locking levers engage the height locking levers. These dual locking safety latches keep the mower firmly in place.

When you finish your maintenance, put the mower in neutral, disengage the height locking levers and turn the release valve to lower your machine. It’s very straightforward to use, and even easier to assemble.

The lift can hold lawn tractors and zero turn mowers from 17 ¼ to 41 ¼ inches, with a maximum capacity of 300 pounds.

It would be great to see this lift come with more adjustability to accommodate wider models of mowers. Larger wheels could be a nice feature, as well, so that it could be easier to move around the yard.

What Others Are Saying

Reviewers generally found this product easy to assemble, use and store. Many people mentioned that they found the lift stable as well as versatile. They liked that it was light enough to move around but heavy-duty enough to work with larger mowers. Most appreciated the price of this lift and thought it was a good value for the money.

Some reviewers were less than impressed with the performance of the lift. They reported that the lift itself rolled while raising the mower, and that they’d had to brace it in order to be able to use it.

Others said the wheel supports tipped while their mower was being lifted, causing the mower to roll back off the supports. A few reviewers who had this issue mentioned that their mowers had larger tires and that simply removing the steel bars from the wheel supports allowed for a more secure fit. A few others suggested to keep the mower in neutral while raising it so the mower can move towards the lift and not slip back.

Leaky jacks were a more commonly reported fault, and more than a few people had quality control issues. The most common complaint was that the tire baskets have a limited width. Customer service seems hit and miss. Some folks had an easy time getting replacement parts and support, while others couldn’t get their calls and emails returned.

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