Creating a Tranquil and Private Backyard for You and Your Family

top view of deck with planters and furniture - create a tranquil and private backyard for you and your family

For many people, their backyards have taken on a more important role over the last two years. As life started to change during the first waves of Covid, most people found themselves having to undertake some enforced periods at home.

This led many to a new appreciation for their gardens and backyards. This extra time at home led to new hobbies, and one of these was a greater interest in gardening. A great deal of people started to grow vegetable plots, and look at more sustainable ways of living. Others looked at making their garden into a social space to safely meet with family and friends.

Travel and other restrictions differ all over the globe right now, with some people going back into lockdown and others starting to return to normal habits. However, many have discovered a newfound love of staying at home and enjoying their own private outdoors.

Further below are just a few ideas that you could put into place so you are ready for next spring, and enjoying warm days and evenings in your own little paradise. 

How to Build a Private, Peaceful Garden Area

It doesn’t matter what size your backyard is or what budget you have. You can still enjoy what you have, introduce a few plants slowly and change things over time to develop your garden.

If you have the time, the space and the money to do so, you could do everything on the list below. But you could also introduce one change and find that it makes a world of difference.

Decide what your private space means to you. Do you want total privacy from the world and solitude, or do you want an area perfect for family get-togethers?

Perhaps you want the good life, with fruit and vegetables growing and butterflies and birds visiting your tranquil garden.

Your own personal choices, budget and gardening talents will help to decide, but here are some ideas you could consider to help your private space grow.

Make Some Practical Use of the Garden

During the pandemic, something interesting happened in backyards all across the world. People decided that they wanted to be more self-sufficient and live more sustainably.

This resulted in a huge number of vegetable patches cropping up in countless backyards. Growing your own vegetables is a great way to make more use of your backyard and to start to enjoy the relaxation of gardening.

Gardening with your children is also a fantastic way to spend time outdoors in your own little space. You can create a sustainable garden simply by rotating seasonal vegetables, adding a rain catcher and putting in a little work. 

Make Your Garden a Social Area

This idea has been high on many people’s lists since 2020. As the pandemic made social lives difficult, the garden became a perfect entertainment venue for small groups.

Although restrictions in some places are easing, there is no reason to take a step back. Gardens make perfect entertainment areas in the spring and summer, and with coverings and outdoor heaters, they can be used in fall and the winter too.

Here are just some ideas to spruce up the area for entertaining:

  • Add solar garden lights
  • Add some decking or a patio
  • Add garden furniture
  • Install a BBQ area
  • Add a porch roof
  • Get an outdoor heater

Simply adding some garden lights around a small backyard can make it feel more welcoming if you have a couple of friends around. Put in a table and some chairs, or go as far as installing decking, and you have a true outdoor social area.

Installing decking is one of those backyard renovations to carry out before winter. Doing this means you will be ready to entertain by spring. Outdoor heaters mean you could be ready even sooner. 

Build Your Own Private Sanctuary

deck chairs with umbrella in front of pool - create a tranquil and private backyard for you and your family

The simplest way to add privacy is to install some fencing. Your home is where you can lock yourself away from the world. It should feel safe, private and secure. There is no reason why a garden or backyard cannot feel the same.

There is no need to install huge fences, but adding some will keep out prying eyes and extend the privacy you feel in your home into your backyard.

The best way to get a new fence installation project done is to search for local contractors. If you opt for wood, make sure it’s been sustainably sourced by checking for certification.

Why Add Fencing?

When it comes to adding a BBQ or decking, the appeal is obvious. Perhaps it is less so with fencing. However, there are a number of benefits to installing some form of fence around a property.

Clearly, you can gain some extra level of privacy from fencing, and there is certainly the security aspect to consider, too. But, there are perhaps one or two other advantages that you might not have considered.

Adding a new fence and then painting or treating it can make a property look more attractive. A white picket fence on a front garden could add what is known as curb appeal.

Like decking, adding a fence can raise the value of a property. Realty Times reports that homeowners could expect to net around 50% of the costs of the fence on the sale of the property. 

Add Some Water Features

A relatively simple, and possibly inexpensive, way to liven up a blank space is to put in some ponds, or perhaps water features. This will attract wildlife such as birds to your garden, and you can keep fish too.

Making a rockery and planting flowers and shrubs around a pond can make an interesting feature in your garden without breaking the bank. If you do have small children, make sure to install a safety barrier around any ponds so that they don’t present a hazard. 

Beautify Your Backyard

If you are feeling ambitious and have the cash and the hours available, you could landscape some of your garden.

This project could see you completely transform your garden into something truly different. A summer house, walkways, flowers, plants and even trees could be added.

Actually, adding trees to a garden is a great investment for the future. You could plant apple trees and have your own fruit after a few years. Trees can add value to your house as well as beautify any garden. One study in Portland saw that street trees could add around $7,020 to the valuation of any nearby home

Add a Porch Roof over the Patio

One popular addition to many gardens now is to add a porch roof. This can be added to decking or a patio and would be attached to the house.

One of the advantages of this is that you can use your outdoor area even when the weather isn’t so good. Many people are turning their decked areas into three-season rooms, but you don’t have to go so far with this project.

Porch roofs can be constructed and fitted by anyone who is handy with DIY and has some carpentry skills. It will also increase the value of your home as well as add practical benefits. 


There are numerous ways to turn your garden into a place of tranquility and solitude. You can involve yourself in gardening and add plants and vegetables. This alone will lead to you spending many peaceful hours outdoors.

Alternatively, put in a BBQ area and enjoy happy family get-togethers in the summer. You could build a treehouse for the kids, or you could just add fencing so you can relax with the outside world seemingly far away.

Feature image: Cameron Smith; Image 1: Kazuo Ota

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