4 Easy Eco-Friendly Tips for Seniors to Follow

Senior woman on motorized scooter - 4 easy eco-friendly tips for seniors to follow

As demonstrated by the rise of Veganism and the war on single-use plastics, more and more of us are changing our lifestyles to protect our environment. It’s a topic that affects us all, and there are ways we can all do our bit, regardless of our age or background.  

While cutting out meat or going plastic-free can seem like a big step, not every change we make needs to be a huge one.

Here are four small lifestyle adjustments you may choose to make during your Golden Years in order to help benefit the environment—without affecting your quality of life.

Grow Your Own Vegetables

Planting a home garden through which you can harvest your own produce is a great way of saving on trips to the store, cutting down on plastic packaging and keeping active. You may find that your grandchildren want to help, too.

Eating organic fruit and vegetables is good for our immune systems, so this could also help you keep the doctor away. If you have the time and space to tend to an outdoor garden, that’s great, but there are food items you can grow inside your home, too, such as herbs and pea shoots.

Reuse, Reuse, Reuse!

There are several everyday throwaway items that we can swap out for reusable versions to cut down on waste. As a start, try to use reusable shopping bags whenever possible, and get a water filter to save yourself from buying bottled water.

Furthermore, if you like to get hot takeaway drinks while you’re out, using reusable cups can save you some trips to the garbage bin. A lot of restaurants and coffee shops now offer discounts to those who bring in their own cup!

Cut Down on Your Energy Use

We all want a warm home, but there are steps we can take to stay toasty without having the heating on high all the time.

First of all, make sure your house is well-insulated, and install blinds or curtains on windows to reduce any drafts. Wearing suitable clothing makes a big difference, too—comfy bed socks and sturdy slippers, from companies like Mobility Solutions, will help you keep your extremities warm.

Ditch the Car (If Possible)

While they help us get around, cars are expensive to run and pollute our atmosphere. In an urban area, switching to an electric mobility scooter can help you retain your independence, save money and cut out exhaust fumes.

If you live in a rural area, car-sharing with friends in your local community is an easy way to keep the number of cars on the road down while still giving yourself the opportunity to be out and about.

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