Energy use in the home - infographic

Buildings account for 50 percent of natural resources, 39 percent of total energy use and 12 percent of water consumption. Yet, so much of this waste. As homeowners, renters, or even as house or hotel guests, we can have a great impact on the Earth by minimizing our energy consumption. Awareness is the key to preventing energy loss in the home. This infographic points out the average monthly kilowatt hour consumption in the home according to each appliance, the ratio of energy use that goes towards certain activities such as space heating, cooling and refrigeration, the location of greatest air leakage in the home and annual hot water usage.

Energy use in the home - infographic


EPA: Green Buildings Tips: Your Home’s Energy Use Benefits of Energy Saving Home Improvements for Your Home
HowStuffWorks: 5 Energy-hungry Appliances The Nine Biggest Energy Hogs in the House
Fortis Alberta: Electricity Cost Calculator

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