Q&A with George Younan of Bendable Solutions

Green mop cleaning wood floor - Q&A with George Younan of Bendable Solutions
Bendable Solutions product
What does your business do? 

We are a custom eco-friendly manufacturer of various products ranging from interior flex-trim mouldings to floor cleaning products.

How long have you been in operation?

We have been in operation for approximately two and a half years.

Can you tell me a bit about your credentials?

As a business, we are currently members of the ISSA (The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association).

Do most of your clients hire you or purchase your products to perform sustainably minded service?

The majority of our clients purchase our products due to our innovative design, performance longevity and sustainable characteristics.

What is your business’ approach to sustainability?

As far as manufacturing goes, we only use low-emitting materials that contain no VOC’s or any hazardous materials to produce our product line. We continually work with our liquid supplier to find ways to improve our production and use the latest systems to improve our manufacturing process.

In providing service we work closely with our suppliers and contractors to continually improve and grow where necessary.
Regarding process, we’re continuously striving to improve the work environment for our employees by only using green products that don’t contain any hazardous materials.

We also take pride in collecting the majority of our waste and donating it to a local contractor as to avoid contributing to any landfill disposal.

Can you give a couple of examples of projects you’ve worked on or provided materials for?

We have worked with a local trim supplier (Canada Trim) and offered our products free of charge to assist them in coordinating a volunteer work project with a local home builder.

Have you recorded any testimonials that you can list here or can you provide references if asked by a client?

All testimonials are listed on our website at http://www.bendablesolutions.com/trim_testimonials.html.

Bendable Solutions product

Check out Bendable Solutions’ listing for a quick description of their services and to read reviews or go directly to their website.

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