Get Rid of 4 Different Household Pests—the Natural Way!

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If you have a pest problem, you’ve joined the 84 percent of Americans who’ve reported the presence of these undesirable houseguests within a year of living in their home.

Whether you have a bug or a rodent problem, experiencing a home invasion can be terrifying and overwhelming. Luckily, there are some quick fixes, as outlined below, that won’t necessitate the use of harmful chemicals or expensive pest control companies. Of course, if your issues persist even after trying these strategies, it’ll be time to call in an expert.

Getting Rid of Mice

Some people find mice cute, but everyone can agree that seeing a tiny animal scamper across a kitchen floor is horrifying. First and foremost, try to prevent an infestation by closing your trash cans up, properly storing your food and ensuring that the outside of your house has no holes or other small entry points.

If mice are already present in your home, the most humane route that’ll enable you to get rid of them is a cage trap, which you can purchase at most hardware stores or online.

Using poison may be tempting, but remember that any other pets you have in the house may accidentally consume the poison as well. Additionally, mice that eat the poison won’t die immediately, and they might enter a hard-to-reach spot instead, where they’ll begin to smell.

Eliminating Cockroaches

As perhaps the worst bug you might see in your home, cockroaches are commonly considered one of the most disgusting and dirty animals. If you see one crawling among your food, try to stay calm and prevent a further infestation by properly storing your food in airtight containers. Make sure you wipe away any crumbs that may be laying on counters or on the floor.

Next, the safest way to get rid of the remaining roaches is by setting out baits, an excellent alternative to contaminating your food surfaces with chemical sprays. Finally, make sure you seal up any possible entry points that the bugs may be able to get through with steel wool or other outdoor materials.

Killing off Ants

Seeing a line of tiny ants marching through your living space is certainly alarming. Ants will signal to each other that you’ve left a sugar source out, so make sure you seal up your food, as mentioned earlier. Next, consider a household bait solution to keep your house healthy and chemical-free.

First, kill all the ants you can find and clean the affected area as well as you can, since ants leave behind a pheromone trail for other ants to follow. Next, try to find any potential entry points, like a crack in a door or a hole, and place a mixture of one part Borax and three parts sugar close to each of these points.

Following that, you’ll find ants swarming for the easy sugar access. The Borax will kill them, and the ants that don’t die will take the mixture back to their colony. Be sure to keep pets and kids away from this mixture, though!

Controlling Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes not only leave nasty welts when they bite, but they also carry dangerous blood-borne diseases. While spraying your skin with bug repellent will help a little, keeping mosquitoes away from your home altogether is a much more effective choice.

Common repellents include citronella, which you can plant or buy in candle form, and bug zappers, which will kill any bug that comes into contact with their electrified core. If a mosquito problem persists inside your house, you should also consider purchasing mosquito netting to place around your bed for a bite-free night.

If you’d like to use a DIY solution for mosquito control, try a mixture of yeast and sugar to draw the bugs away from your sitting area. If you do get bitten, rub some apple cider vinegar on the bite(s) to reduce itchiness.

Don’t Be Afraid to Call the Pros

Seeing pests around your house can be a terrifying wake-up call, but you must remember that you have various tools you can use to get rid of pests, and you shouldn’t be afraid to call in the professionals if your efforts don’t yield any results.

With most common pests, an occasional spraying performed by a pest-control company that specializes in environmentally friendly methods will keep many of the critters at bay.

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