Green Building Guide

low-angle shot of curved buildings - green building


If you’ve ever wondered what makes a building “green,” check out this resource and learn the basics of green building.

low angle shot of glass buildings - why build green


An in-depth look at the many environmental and financial benefits of building green.

bamboo - green building materials


Takes you through the criteria by which green building materials are assessed and what you should look for in your materials if you want to build green.

Building with earth


An introduction to all the different methods of natural building, what they are and how they’re used today.

red eco house


This guide takes you through the many green building certifications. Learn what they are and what standards a building needs to meet to get them.

Mountains, lake and sky - Life cycle assessment - LCA


Find information and resources on life cycle assessments here, including how they were developed and how they’re conducted now.

Welcome to the world of green building!

There’s a lot to learn, so let us take you inside and show you the basics. With this guide, you’ll get a solid idea of what makes for an eco-friendly building. If you’re thinking of buying a green home, building a green home or renovating your own home to be greener, these pages are for you.

Many people have heard the term “green” homes or “green” building before, but aren’t really sure what it means. We’ll walk you through what makes a building “green” – the kinds of criteria a building needs to meet and what methods and materials green builders use to make a building eco-friendly.

We’ll also show you why green building is so important by giving you a detailed look at all the advantages of building green, from energy savings to productivity rates to resale values.

Then we’ll drill down into green materials and methods. If you’ve ever wondered how you could build or renovate in a more environmentally-friendly way, these pages will show you some incredible options. It will also give you ways to evaluate whether your building or renovation choices are as green as you think they are.

Learn about certifications and ratings so you know how green building projects are assessed. Here you can explore certification options and understand their criteria and evaluation processes.

Finally, we’ll introduce you to life cycle assessments (LCA), which are a fantastic way to take a comprehensive look at your building or renovation project. If you’re interested in minimizing the impact of your building on the earth, this article will show you how to use these assessments to get a clearer environmental picture.

A green home can lower your carbon footprint, reflect your values and give you a great return on your money all at once. Like any kind of building, though, green building is an investment of time, energy and money. Let these pages help guide you to making well-informed decisions about your next building or renovation project.

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