Green Home Guide

Eco home in Southend

To change the Earth’s story we first need to change our story. And there’s no better starting point than right at home. As the point we come back to day after day, the home symbolizes our habitual patterns, the tendencies that make up who we are. With people across the globe turning to eco friendly lifestyles its no surprise that green homes (also known as eco friendly houses, sustainable homes or yet other variations) are sprouting up all over.

The good word about green homes is getting out. People realize how much of an impact the built environment has on the natural environment and how much better it is to live in an eco friendly house instead of a conventional house. Aside from obvious benefits to the environment, going green also makes for the healthier choice. And the costs don’t even need to be much higher than the standard choice.

Homes are a system, not a product, which means understanding them takes a lot more knowledge if you want to truly know what they’re all about and which works best for you. Green Home Gnome has put together this Green Home Guide as a starting point to understanding what eco friendly houses are all about. Build the foundations of your green home knowledge here, then proceed building up the walls and interior by exploring specific articles in the other sections of the site. If you need details specifically on buying or selling an eco friendly house look to the other two guides we’ve published: Green Home Buyer’s Guide and Green Home Seller’s Guide.

1.0 What is a green home? – Start here to learn just what makes a home “green” and what differentiates it from a conventional home.

2.0 What is a healthy home? – Eco friendly houses are not just good for the environment, they’re good for your health. Read this section of the guide to find out why.

3.0 Benefits of a green home – What’s in it for you to go green? And specifically how does a sustainable home benefit the environment. Check this section to find out.

4.0 Green building materials – Want to know exactly what materials and equipment green homes are made of? Read this.

5.0 Home renewable energy systems – Eco friendly houses are systems that are made of of mini systems, a big one being the renewable energy systems that power them. Learn about them here.

6.0 Certifications / rating systems – With the growth of the green building industry, a whole whack of certifications and rating systems have popped up to guide consumers to making the right decisions. Before shopping around for a green home get to know these systems.

image: Southend in Transition (CC – Some Rights Reserved)