Green Home Seller’s Guide

money made into house shape - how to sell a green house


This article offers tips and considerations for when you decide to sell your green home.

realtor with key and heart keychain - how to find a green real estate agent


Read up on how to choose a realtor and how to find a real estate agent who specializes in green homes.

home interior - how to stage a green home


Learn how to make a great first impression on buyers with these tips and techniques for staging your green home right.

house at evening - how to photograph a green home


This article takes you behind the curtain to show you how photographers capture a home’s best side when selling.

close up of ivy covered house with bicycle - how to price a green home


This article explains how to analyze the market, value your home’s green features and come up with the right price for your market.

Whether you’re upsizing, downsizing, relocating or just need a change, selling a house is a high-stakes affair. For most homeowners, their house represents a huge investment. Making the most of that investment when it comes time to sell means not just making a house look its very best, but understanding the market mechanics that will influence how easily your home will sell, and for what.

Successfully selling a green home is all about finding a balance between maximizing the return on your investment and making sure your home is priced attractively enough to sell within a reasonable amount of time.

If your home is a green home, however, there are some extra considerations. Green homes need to have something substantial behind them to back up their green claims.

Home buyers who are looking for an eco-friendly house are typically either making that choice for ethical reasons or because it makes more financial sense. In both cases, they’re going to want to know they’re getting what they think they’re getting, especially if you’re putting a premium on your house. How will you show your prospective buyers that your home is truly green?

Buyers who aren’t as interested in the eco-friendly features of your home might need to be sold on how those features benefit them, especially if there’s any additional maintenance or upkeep involved. In addition to decluttering and giving your home a fresh coat of paint, you might need to get ready to show prospective buyers the benefits of living in your home. But how do you do that?

We’ve all heard it said that curb appeal sells the home, and while that might be true of conventional homes, the green features of an eco-conscious home, like energy-efficient windows or rainwater harvesting systems, don’t always add anything to the curb appeal. How will you communicate the value of your home’s green upgrades? How will you find a realtor who has experience with your kind of home?

Our guide gives you the answers. It takes you the whole way through the selling process, from pre-sale upgrades and renovations to marketing. We’ll show you how to find a realtor who works with green homes, how to stage and photograph your home to its best advantage and how to analyze the market for green homes.

We get right down to specifics in these pages. You’ll learn how to calculate the value of a renewable energy system, how to photograph it to make it attractive to buyers, and how to know when it makes sense to improve on it before you list.

We’ve also included further reading recommendations at the bottom of each page. If you’re thinking of listing your home, read this guide first and get to know the ins and outs of selling a green home.