Greenhouse Guide

large greenhouse


An in-depth guide to the different forms of greenhouses. From basic cold frames to gothic arches, we’ll walk you through the basics of each design and let you in on the pros and cons of each model.

Types of greenhouses (by usage)


Explains just a few of the many options you have for configuring your greenhouse, depending on what you want to grow. We’ve made a list of what you’re going to need to succeed with all of your greenhouse ventures.

Greenhouse glass


Discusses the various materials used in common greenhouse structures. Read this to find out what materials are best for your climate and budget.


Explains how the location and materials of your greenhouse can affect the quality of light available to the plants inside. Orient your greenhouse properly with our help.

Heating greenhouses


Learn how greenhouses lose heat and how you can combat those forces. We explain how greenhouse heaters work and how to pick the one that’s best for your greenhouse.

Greenhouse ventilation


All about one of the most important factors in greenhouse design. Read up on how natural and mechanical ventilation works to get rid of excess heat or moisture.

Nice greenhouse


Explores the finer points of regulating light, temperature and humidity. Here we explain the vital climate considerations that influence how well your greenhouse plants will grow.

Rundown greenhouse


We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons for freestanding and attached greenhouses to help you decide which type of structure is best for you.

Greenhouse glass


Considers the pros and cons of each type of greenhouse. Get all the information you need to make the best decision for your greenhouse here.

greenhouse light


Outlines exactly what you’re going to need to get your greenhouse up and growing. Don’t go greenhouse shopping without running down this list.

It’s magical the way that plants can take sunlight and water and turn it into fruits, seeds, leaves and startlingly beautiful flowers. Gardeners do what they can to work with the environment where they’re growing, but sometimes the climate is simply too harsh, the sun is too bright or the geology is unsuitable for success with our favorite plants. This is where one of the most powerful and underutilized tools in the garden arsenal—the greenhouse—comes in.

Like a potato fork, rototiller or tractor, a greenhouse is more than the sum of its parts. It’s more than a thin frame wrapped in a protective coating—it’s a climate controlled environment that can be manipulated precisely by those who understand how to use it. A highly skilled greenhouse operator can take their little protected bubble and create any sort of environment they may need for the plants they want to grow most, including vegetables in the dead of winter, cactus in a boggy area or even tropicals in the arctic.

Before you become a greenhouse guru, you’ve got to learn the basics, though. Whether you’re beginning your journey or you’re looking to expand your knowledge, you’ve come to the right place. We may not know much about gnomes, but we’ve got this greenhouse thing down to a tee. That’s why we designed this greenhouse guide—to share our knowledge with you so you can get the most out of your greenhouse, no matter what style or size.

Let the Gnome show you the world of greenhouses in a way you’ve never seen them before. Our experience can help you choose the right structure the first time or troubleshoot the greenhouse you already have.

No matter what stage your greenhouse is at or what type of greenhouse you’re running, we’ve got information you can use to improve your operation without all the messy guesswork many greenhouse operators experience.

After all, if plants are magic, doesn’t that mean that your greenhouse should be filled with wonder?

Section 1: Types of Greenhouse Structures 
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