Not Just for City Streets: Incorporating Graffiti Into Home Decor

street art of hand revealing graffiti - incorporating graffiti into home decor

Graffiti is a great way to express yourself. Although graffiti designs aren’t always appreciated in the streets and on buildings, they sure have a way of standing out. When used for decoration, they can completely change the look of a room! A graffiti mural is an excellent solution for the teenager who wants to create a landmark and add a personal touch to their room.

Whether you like simple stencil-style creations or brighter, more elaborate motifs that have been inspired by the hip-hop scene, graffiti makes a style statement that’s both exclusive and catchy.

Using Graffiti on Brick and Steel Interior Walls

One of the charms of graffiti on the street is the backdrop that brings the colors and the style of each illustration alive. Old brick walls, steel meshes and back alleys make up much of the background that has played center stage to some of the greatest mural-style graffiti .

Modern industrial lofts offer a similar setting that’ll allow you to experiment with different styles and motifs. From simple, elegant black-and-white graffiti to creative, colorful images that steal the show, pretty much anything will work well on an indoor wall that’s made from brick or steel. One of these designs will give your home a more informal and even edgy appeal, and it’ll sure look stunning—if done right!

Creating Hip, Trendy Bedrooms With Graffiti

While there are a few brave souls among us who dare to use graffiti patterns in the living room and kitchen, most of us tend to prefer adding graffiti to the bedroom. This choice is understandable, as we tend to express ourselves in our most unabated fashion within our own relaxing personal haven.

With graffiti added, modern bedroom walls will truly come alive, and kids’ bedrooms will look even more hip, thanks to this inspired addition. Adding anything from simple spray paint to elaborate hand-painted murals can help usher in the graffiti touch! Remember, though, that graffiti is all about self-expression, and original work always makes the biggest impact.

Interior Designers Get in the Game

Graffiti is a dynamic art form that has evolved over centuries. Yes, it’s been around since the days of the ancient Egyptian and Roman empires, and if someone told you that it originated in New York or Philly, they’re obviously just talking about the modern hip-hop style.

Long before subway tunnels, railway carts and giant buildings, artists have found a way to leave their mark by scratching into a structure, and the current generation of interior designers is taking this to the next level by bringing a new twist to graffiti. Innovations like the Banksy tile will now let you add iconic graffiti patterns to your kitchen and bathroom as well.

A Popular Practice

Graffiti is useful and attractive, and allows people to flex their creative muscles in diverse ways while giving their homes, offices and studios a more appealing look. In 2019, you’ll find that modern bedroom walls are frequently being decorated with a variety of bright and beautiful graffiti designs.

For more information on the history of graffiti, take a look at this infographic:

The History of Graffiti - in an Infographic!



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