How to Have the Most Eco-Friendly Roof Possible

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Are you concerned about your environmental impact and want to do what you can to make your home greener and safer? Then it would help if you started by focusing on your roof. The roof is one of the essential parts of a house and should be kept in great shape with these simple steps. Creating an eco-friendly roof helps your environment and makes your house more comfortable.

Insulate the Roof ASAP

A home’s insulation helps to minimize lost energy and provides years of protection that shouldn’t be ignored. And insulating your roof helps by reducing the heat lost in a house. Remember: heat rises, and your roof needs to work as a cap to prevent this problem from worsening further.

Try to identify options that use green materials to minimize waste. For example, tight-packed glass insulation uses sand-based materials to produce a high-quality and long-lasting insulation option. In this way, you can keep your house as protected as possible and minimize your waste concerns.

Focus on Green Materials

Try to identify and focus on roofing materials that are green and beneficial for your house. For instance, slate roofs are very popular and can be recycled to produce a myriad of roofing options. After all, slate was formed 350 million years ago and has been reused many times over the years since then.

If slate doesn’t appeal to you, try an option like stone-coated steel roofing. This option is 100% recyclable, allowing you to reuse it and protect the environment. It is also safer, with a Class A fire ratings and a Class 4 hail resistance rating. Even better, the light, 1.4-pound-square-foot rating minimizes related roof damage.

Consider a Truly “Green” Roof

Do you have a flat roof and want to make it greener? Why not consider a roof garden? This option literally makes your roof green by adding dirt and plants to its surface. This step helps to insulate your roof better, minimizes water damage and improves local oxygen production.

This type of roof does require you to take a little extra time tending to your roof garden, which can be a bonus for those who love outdoor work. Even better, your roof can also be a fun place to sit and relax, giving you a unique party destination that will make this situation more enjoyable.

Put in Roof Overhangs

Have you ever considered putting in roof overhangs in your house? This step is an excellent option because they help to cool down your house dramatically. How? They block direct sunlight from getting into your windows, keeping this heat from warming your house and causing energy issues.

Even better, overhangs help to take water away from your roof and prevent winter-related problems. In this way, you can protect your roof and avoid serious damage concerns. The overall benefits will vary based on your overhangs and should be carefully understood before starting this process.

Use Coatings and Other Steps

High-quality roof coatings help to enhance the overall health of your roof and also make them greener and more environmentally safe. How? Roof coatings help to protect your roof’s surface and minimize damage caused by problems like water, wind, and other environmental situations.

Just how much can they help? Experts state that coatings add up to 25 years of life to a roof. Even better, they help to reduce the amount of old and unrecycled roofing material that gets thrown in dumps or landfills. In this way, coatings help to make your roof a more environmentally safe design.

You can take many of these same steps and apply them to other areas of your house to make your design greener. For instance, putting shingle sealant and coatings on your roof will help to cut back on energy loss and provide the long-term benefits that you want for your home and its design elements.

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