How to Make Drinking Glasses Out of Recycled Glass

Drinking glasses

Drinking glasses are the epitome of a new “make-do” attitude. If you save every last old bottle, jar and bit of glass like I do, you no doubt have enough material for a 10-piece set of drinking glasses that can be made in about an hour. And it’s so simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it before, considering how fragile department store glasses are.

1. Soak a heavy, mostly cotton-type string in alcohol. Rubbing alcohol works best, so no need to break out that bottle of Beaujolais you were saving for the meal.

2. Tie that string around the bottle or jar at whatever height you think looks best. The height where you tie the string will be the height of the brim of the glass once it gets broken off.

3. Light the string on fire and let it burn for about five or ten seconds, depending on the thickness of the bottle or jar.

4. Put the fire out under cold, running water

5. Tap the burn mark sharply on the edge of a table or counter

6. Buff away sharp edges of the brim of the glass with a Dremel, or by hand using a sponge-pad sanding block available at your nearest hardware store or paint store.


For sturdy but attractive glassware, I choose Apollinaris, a bottled mineral spring water. After you have finished the water, which tastes like it has to be good for you, the deep green, thick glass bottles complement a holiday colour scheme. When I’m using my drinking glasses, I like to remember that all my glasses—water, wine or juice—are not in a landfill, taking up space and wasting precious natural resources.

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image:  Steve A Johnson (Creative Commons BY)

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