Ways to Maximize Light to Cut Down on Electricity Use

It’s always a good idea to cut down on your electricity usage. After all, while energy regulator Ofgem is proposing to cut consumer bills by £45 a year by 2012, there’s no better way to save than by taking matters into your own hands. Thankfully, there’re many things you do here to meet this end!

That said, this doesn’t mean compromising on the amount of light that’s in your home. Instead, you just need to find an alternative way of doing things here – there’s more than a few good electric light substitutes!

Consequently, here’re some way to maximize light and cut down electricity use at home!

Open Curtains and Windows

The first suggestion probably isn’t that surprising, but it should be listed all the same. Opening curtains and windows is a great way to get natural light beaming throughout your home. While many people only do this on hot summer days when the sun is shining, the weather rarely makes much difference when it comes to using natural light — unless you’re embroiled in the darker storm-filled days.

Of course, along with getting light into your home you’ll also get fresh air, which means you can turn off fans or air conditioning that eat up a lot of electricity. Open up your home – there’s no better way to slash the cost of your bills and brighten up your home at once!

Lighter Colours

Your efforts in opening curtains and windows can be complimented by having a house that’s decorated with lighter colours. From carpets to wallpapers and paints, shades of pale blue and yellow can soak up the natural light and reflect it better than other colours. High reflective values are handy here, so look out for these if you’re keen to brighten up your rooms without flicking a single switch!

There’s also the argument that lighter colours are just more bright and cheerful by aesthetics alone. It’s hard to have a dreary and bleak room that needs some lighting when such hues are featured. Keep this in mind when you’re decorating your home, because if you’re incorporating darker colours, no amount of natural light will brighten up the place. 


It’s understandable if you’re not someone who wants to overhaul the colours of their home. You’ve made specific choices here and you enjoy the aesthetics of your residence, which is all perfectly valid. Consequently, it’s worth considering what alternative options remain open to you.

Mirrors reflect things better than colours! Stop by Cox & Cox and invest in a stylish wall mirror or two, and your home will be perked up in no time. It’s a great and adaptable addition to any room, whether it’s toilets or bedrooms. Remember, the bigger the mirror, the better, because then more light will be relayed around your rooms!

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