Simple Ways to Keep Your Greenhouse Safe and Secure

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If you’ve started a garden and you want to give it the best chance to thrive, it’s wise to pair it with a greenhouse that will provide shelter for your plants from extreme weather. When you do this, take some steps to ensure that your greenhouse stays safe and secure. The five tips below can help you to do that, so go through them and get to work improving your greenhouse’s security.

Keep Your Greenhouse in a Sheltered Area

Setting up your greenhouse in a sheltered area will help to ensure it does not get blown away by strong winds. Place it behind the garage or find a spot in the corner of your garden, or even install wooden fencing and use wind netting around it to secure it. Wherever you place it, make sure there is enough sun so as to meet the lighting requirements and give the plants within it the best chance to thrive.

Use Paving Slabs Along the Base

Another measure you could take is to weigh down the bottom of your greenhouse using paving slabs. You could also use large, heavy rocks, or bags of sand which will serve the same purpose. The result you should be aiming for is to keep it secured to the ground, so whatever you can do to achieve this is good enough.

With roughly 1.8 billion websites operating daily at the same time throughout the world, you are sure to find a website that sells gardening supplies. Buying your supplies online and having them delivered to your doorstep will save you the hassle of going out to shop for them.

Install Security Cameras

Between 2014 and 2020, the global market for dashboard cameras grew 15.3%, showing that more people are making purchases of these cameras. You could follow suit and get a camera watching your greenhouse, especially if you’ve found it vandalized in an unexplained way. The vandals may even be people around your neighborhood, and installing security cameras will help you to identify them and stop them by reporting them to the authorities.

The crime of home invasion, in states like Michigan, can get someone a maximum penalty of 20 years in jail. When people know you have security cameras around your property, they are a lot less likely to vandalize it and risk getting caught and prosecuted.

Screw the Greenhouse to Your Fence

You could also secure your greenhouse by screwing it to a fence on your property. This will keep it safe from being blown away by extreme winds, so if you don’t mind adding a few holes to your fence, this is a great solution. If you would rather not deal with drills and screws, you could tie it to your fence, which, if done right, will be just as effective. You could also use some tape to block any gaps within your greenhouse by taping both the outside and inside of your greenhouse where the metal frame attaches to the PVC.

Buy Repellents

Finally, to keep your greenhouse safe from invading bugs and rodents, buy repellents from the store to keep them away. You could also try homemade solutions including hot pepper sauce, soap, and even a predator’s urine, depending on your area and the rodents you want to keep away. For a natural solution, plant species are known to repel animals, including mint, lavender, and marigold. This will repel animals that would have preyed on your garden, giving it a chance to thrive.

When you invest in a greenhouse, it’s good to keep it safe and secure so that you can get the best results from it. Try the suggestions above and you will experience peace of mind knowing that your greenhouse is as safe as it can be.

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