Top Innovative Ideas to Make Your Garden Stand Out

tall stone planter with pink flowers in garden - top innovative ideas to make your garden stand out

A great garden is a wonderful addition to any property. It will give you the perfect opportunity to spend time outside, get closer to nature, and spend quality time with your family. As modern homeowners, there is much we can do to create a unique and attractive outdoor space. Whether you are looking to overhaul your exterior landscape or add some tailored touches to your garden’s details, some careful planning and a little creativity can transform the whole space.

To help everyone take their outdoor space to the next level, here are six of our top innovative ideas to make your garden stand out.

1.  Add Some Decorative Ornaments

One easy way to bring character and personality to your garden is to add some decorative pieces. Ornaments like statues and sculptures can really tie your garden together and provide interesting things to look at when you are in your garden.

There are some fantastic garden ornaments available in the outdoor sections at major department stores. These can be expensive but with discount vouchers, you can get some great deals. You can learn more here about online vouchers.

Outdoor spaces provide a greater level of design freedom than interior design, but there are some rules which landscapers and exterior designers usually follow. Ornaments and different pieces are often used in spaces where there are no plants or other features so that there are no empty places in the garden. You also need to be careful about the size of ornaments so that they are not too ostentatious. 

2. Add a Water Feature 

Another great way to make your garden stand out is to add a beautiful water feature. As humans, we are naturally drawn to water, and just hearing the pleasant sound of running water can turn your outdoor space into a peaceful haven where you can relax.

The addition of a simple spout and trough fountain or a decorative pond with different types of fish can totally transform your entire garden. Choose quality stone water features and they will not only look great but will last for decades, as long as you look after them properly. A solar pump ensures your feature can recycle the water it uses without adding to your home’s energy load.

You may need to pay a professional plumber to set up a big fountain but the years of enjoyment you will get from the piece will be well worth it.

3.  Create a Living Wall

For enthusiastic gardeners, even limited horizontal space in the garden is no obstacle. By creating a living wall, you can embrace vertical planting and add some unique highlights to your outdoor space.

There are many ready-made green wall kits and planting accessories to choose from so that you can easily build your own. If you already have walls in place which you think could do with a little sprucing up, you will just need to fit them with trellises and hanging pots. Use a combination of wall shrubs with climbing plants such as creepers and vines and in a few years your living wall will have its own network of evergreen or seasonal colors.

4.  Build A Greenhouse

greenhouse interior - top innovative ideas to make your garden stand out

Having their own greenhouse is every gardener’s dream. Not only do greenhouses provide the ideal environment to the ensure optimal growth of your plants year-round, but they will also add another level of sophistication and character to your outdoor space.

You will need to decide what kinds of plants you want to grow as you may need different equipment. Some may thrive in just the protective environment of a greenhouse while others may need special light or temperature equipment such as indoor heaters or LED grow lights. Keep track of how your plants are doing in the greenhouse and make any adjustments to the environment.

5.  Install A Garden Room

If you feel like the inside of your house is a bit tight in space, why not move the office or yoga studio outdoors to the garden? Not only is a garden office or outdoor studio an excellent way to better utilize the space in your home, but it also brings a helpful change in environment that can boost your creativity.

Scientific studies have shown that the colorful tones and relaxing sounds of nature can have a soothing effect on your mind, which can help you work or train better. This additional garden room can also double up as a space where you can entertain your guests during the sunny days of the year. Keep in mind that a project like this will require careful and detailed planning at first, but the results will be well worth it.

6.  Set Up Ambient Lighting

When you want to really make your garden stand out, there is nothing better than the right lighting. When the weather is not as nice as you expected, or when the sun goes down on your barbecue party, there is no need for you to stop the fun and move inside.

A good fire pit or an effective external solar-powered lighting system is perfect for making your garden accessible and enjoyable twenty-four hours a day. You can even set up spotlights to illuminate your favorite areas or ornaments. For the best outside lighting, you should install a variety of sources to achieve the ambiance that you are looking for. From standing overhead lights to candle lanterns, decking spotlights to full security lighting, there is a wide range of solar lighting choices to keep you and your family property illuminated well into the evening.

Since gardens are essential in improving the overall quality and look of your home, you should always go the extra mile to make your garden stand out. However, in the quest to create an attractive outdoor space, you also have to make sure that such changes will be practical. These innovative ideas will ensure that your outdoor space looks fantastic, while allowing you and your family to enjoy your garden at all times. You are sure to receive plenty of compliments and admiring glances from your guests and neighbors next door.

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