6 Things to Consider While Building a Garden Seating Area

cat on table with chairs under trees in garden - 6 things to consider while building a garden seating area

A garden is a must for any green home. Gardens add greenery and aesthetics to any house and they can help native plants and pollinators to thrive. Moreover, a garden can also be utilized as a seating area for enjoyment or relaxation. 

At first, building a garden seating area might look simple. After all, how difficult can it be? It is easy to place chairs and tables anywhere in your garden and claim that as a seating area. However, it is harder to build the perfect seating arrangement in your garden. That requires a lot of planning and attention to detail.

Here are a few things you should consider if you want to build the perfect garden seating area.

1. Finding the Ideal Spot

To find the ideal spot for setting up the chairs and tables, you have to make a few quick calculations. For instance, the seating area should never be at the center of the garden if the garden is located in front of the house. Otherwise, it will obstruct the view from the outside and look awkward. Backyard gardens, on the other hand, can have the seating arrangement right at the center.

The ideal spot will be located closer to the main house. It should be surrounded by beautiful trees and bushes. The area should also be in a shaded region of the property if it does not have a roof or shade of its own.

2. Deciding on the Size

Garden seating areas can come in a variety of sizes and arrangements. There is the two/four seating arrangement, where a single table is surrounded by two or four chairs. That is a comparatively smaller garden seating arrangement. It is suitable for cases where you do not have too many visitors in your house or garden.

Then you have the six/eight arrangement. It is for comparatively larger groups of people. In such cases, the chairs are replaced with sofa sets. These types of garden seating areas are quite common in large or luxurious houses.

It is up to you to decide the size of your garden seating area. Keep it small if the size of the garden is not that big. Otherwise, feel free to set up a much larger arrangement. 

3. Picking the Right Furniture

wicker table and chair with lantern and coffee mug - 6 things to consider while building a garden seating area

Garden furniture needs to be lightweight. The pieces can be luxurious and classy, but they must have a simple and light feel to them. 

Wicker and rattan are popular choices for garden furniture. Wicker furniture can be made of a number of different plants, including rattan, which is an eco-friendly furniture material. Rattan is a palm that grows in various regions of Africa and Asia. It is a renewable plant that requires very little water and nutrients.

That is what makes rattan palms sustainable and environmentally friendly. Both wicker and rattan provide good value for money. You can find a wide range of styles and designs. When purchasing furniture, research the companies you’re buying from and choose one that’s invested in sustainable harvesting practices. Look for green certification labels and/or partnerships with non-profit organizations like One Tree Planted that demonstrate a commitment to restoring ecosystems that provide a sustainable livelihood for people.

4. Building a Shade Over the Seating Area

Building a shade over the garden seating area will serve many different purposes. For starters, it will keep the occupants cooler during the hot summer months. You and your guests can thus enjoy some quality time in your garden without having to burn your skin under the sun. During the monsoon, the shade will keep you dry. It will also keep your furniture safe from being damaged by rainwater or sunlight.

The shade also contributes to the garden’s overall look. You can even use it to grow vines and trailing plants. That will give it a more natural look and make it an integral part of the garden. 

5. Setting Up a Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit will feel great during the cold winters. It will keep you warm and comfortable and will let you enjoy your garden year-round. You will have to set up the pit beside the table, but if you’re short on space, you could position the firepit under the table until it’s time to use it. You can also get rid of the table and keep the fire pit only. Whatever you do, the chairs should be arranged around the pit so that everyone can get some warmth.

6. Lighting and Other Utilities

The garden seating area should have sufficient lighting. Ideally, you should set up outdoor solar lights around the seating area. Along with that, you should also consider installing a few lights under the shade.

Apart from adequate lighting, the seating arrangement could also have other utilities. You could install electric power sockets for fans or watercoolers beside the chairs or sofas, or on top of the garden tables. Make sure to cover them properly if you do end up putting them there. 

Your garden’s seating arrangements will look quite stunning once you take all these points into account. After completion, you will feel quite pleased with the results and view of your new garden seating area.

Feature image: Robin Wersich; Image 1: Julia Sakelli

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